Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Just a tired mom rambling

I've been completely stuck (with my running) for about a year now. Even though I was still progressing before I became pregnant with baby #2, I was losing heart.

My life is very full, and putting everything into my running doesn't bring me the joy that it used to. I would much rather put more energy into my kids and my work. It is absolute pure joy watching them grow, play and laugh at the silly things they do. I'd much rather fix peanut butter sandwiches and clean up sticky finger prints then get in an afternoon run. I'm more likely to take a day off then shuffle through a 6 miler just to make a mark in my training log. I'm a parent first, and my mortgage doesn't pay for it's self...so work must come second.

The world needs people to give it their all to reach their goals others may have thought impossible. But, that is just not me.

Quality of quantity. Maximizing hard days. Listening to my coach every step of the way.

I'd rather take baby steps then no steps at all.

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Allison said...

Well, not that it means a whole lot, but I'm impressed as hell with your workouts on Strava! (It's Allison from New Orleans :)) I can't imagine being an elite runner with children. Maybe that's why a lot of them have none or only one? It does get somewhat easier when they get older--they physically need you less. Sort of. However, then they start doing their own sports, which means that they need you as a taxi service. My oldest son (12) is a competitive swimmer, so he requires me to shuttle him around to practice almost every afternoon. My youngest son also swims competitively, though not as much, and my middle son plays soccer. So... doing any sort of afternoon doubles or strength training just doesn't happen for me. Sigh. But I'll tell you that it's all worth it. My 6 year-old just ran his first 2-miler a couple of a weeks ago and broke 20 minutes, as did my 9 year-old (who sprinted towards the finish line when he saw his little brother catching up with him--ha ha!). They were both SO proud of themselves, and it was amazing to squeeze them both at the finish line. That's what it's all about!

Piero Stop said...

I very often have similar feelings, though I think I am a much less committed runner than you are :)
I feel like there's always another time for doing that training, for winning that race (they organise them every year don't they?), but our kids are like this only now - soon they'll be teenagers, and it'll be a whole different business. Let's not waste the opportunity! Good luck, PS

Kristen Lawrence said...

I hear ya. My kids are much older so I am out of the baby struggle (what a wonderful struggle, but still a hard time) and have recently decided double and high mileage is no longer for me from a family standpoint. It was overwhelming trying to balance it all and I never wanted to put the run life over the mom life. I still have the desire to race and compete but in a different way. Wishing you all the best!!