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Qualifying for Duathlon World AG Champs & other things busy moms do

Bracebridge Duathlon Results: 1st in Age Group, 4th Overall (World AG Qualifier)

RUN 1 00:41:36.2 4:09/km 10 km
BIKE 42 km 01:24:08.1 29.95km/h
RUN 2 5 km   00:22:07.04:25/km
FINISH    2:31:23.0
T1 00:02:03
T2 00:01:30

Before the Bracebridge Duathlon I had been running (on the ground) for 5 weeks. I though I was in shape, but running on the AlterG is not the same as running on the ground and I found this out the hard way. I had also been dealing with a nagging achilles and had to pull out of a few workouts and long runs in the weeks leading up. I thought I was in decent running shape going in.

Two weeks prior to the race I decided to purchase a tri bike; a Specialized Transition. I've been riding a road bike heavily since I was diagnosed with the stress fracture in late May. I didn't realize how different a road bike was from a tri bike...
Finishing Bracebridge in my PowerBar Kit #PBTE

The Thursday before I left for Ontario, I was riding my new bike for the 2nd time and I crashed it. I was at the MSU research park and a shuttle bus did a u-turn in front of me (it didn't see me.) I crashed my bike to avoid hitting the shuttle and hit my knee on the shaft. My knee immediately swelled up to the size of an orange. I called my husband who picked me up and he took me directly to the ER. I didn't break anything but I definitely had a bad hematoma. I eventually ended up with a horrible bruise from my knee to my ankle. I took one day off and jumped back into training.

It is taking a very long time to heal.

It looked sorta like this right after the accident.

The bruising is almost gone now, but the Achilles issues have gotten worse. Going into Bracebridge I had not ran over 9 miles in about two weeks. I was not setting myself up for success.

Because I was heading into a very busy month of work, I flew to Toronto on a Saturday and back on Sunday. I had given myself a few hours up and back that I could drive to a bike shop and get my bike reassembled/disassembled. Due to heavy traffic, I ended up with only minutes to spare. Traveling with a bike was extremely stressful.

I ended up finishing 4th overall, and 1st in my age group, qualifying for World Duathlon Age Group Championships next June in Spain. I was disappointing in my performance (bad run, the worst transitions, slow bike, and horrible 5km) but I finished about what I thought I was capable of. I still don't understand why I am so disappointed.

Originally, I had planned on running Bracebridge and then Canadian Nationals in Montreal, 5 weeks later. I trained hard, running 15 miles hard on Saturday, and upwards to 60 miles of cycling on Sunday. Then, during the week I would have a brick, a hard bike session, and a speed workout. In the end, I messed up my Achilles so bad that I had to cut the race. Instead, I plan to take a few weeks recovery before training for Rocket City Marathon in December.

There is a fine line between training hard and over training and I have repeatedly blown past since Patrick has been born. The running means a lot to me, so to be sitting on the side lines once again is extremely frustrating. This past year has been the perfect definition of one step forward, two steps back. SMH. Words of encouragement are welcomed.


Murph. said…
Your resilience and resolve is like nobody I've ever seen. Life is long, and you will back running again before you know it. You are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us just recreational athletes.
Julie Ralston said…
Cross training can help maintain your beast fitness. Stay encouraged. There will be a time when you will look back and remember these rough moments and it will allow you to realize you can conquer anything.

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