Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 40

Here I am just a couple days shy of 40 weeks pregnant and just...waiting. Honestly I never thought we would actually get this far.

Three weeks ago we had a sonogram to estimate the babies size and they told us he probably weighed 7lbs 3 ounces. Because my first baby was large we started to get worried, and came up with a plan to induce early, possibly in the middle of week 39.

Four days later I went in for my next appointment and was told we had already made so much progress that we may not even make it that far. We went home, and I continued to be as active as before thinking that I would just continue to make progress. I was confident that by the time I hit the middle of August our baby would be on his way out anyway.

Monday the 10th I went in and hadn't made much progress from the week before but was still looking good, so I opted to wait another week versus possibly inducing on Aug 15. I was 100% sure that by then I would be so ready that our induction process would be quick and easy (versus the one with Maddy that was long and painful). I was also extremely confident going into my Aug 18th appointment...only to be told that I had made no progress from the week before. 

Zero. Zilch. NONE.

My doctor started talking about having to bring me in the night before to "prep me" and starting the drip in the morning. Then reality hit and I realized my body was not ready. My baby was not ready. I was not going to have this child tomorrow. I was not going to have this baby this week AT ALL.

Because the thought of going through my first labor experience terrified me more than delivering a large child, I decided to wait until the 25th. Possibly at that point he may still be a good size for me to deliver him naturally, and possibly not. There is really no telling as estimating size using a sonogram is really just a guess anyways.

So here I am...waiting. My babies face still clearly etched in my mind from my last sonogram, and I am growing increasingly impatient. I am power walking like a made women and still running when my pelvic floor allows it.

Pregnancy is not a race, but it is a marathon. And as Houston mentioned to me yesterday, "your kick was never really very good."

...Doing my best to rally...

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Gracie said...

Your kick was never very good! LOL! Cruel to say to a 40-wk woman. I'm praying for an easy, healthy delivery all in good time.