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Pregnancy running log week 31, 32, 33

One unfortunate event occurred during week 32...I am now unable to handle running on the road. The ligament pain when logging miles outside is just too much for me, plus the humidity is so high right now I struggle to breath throughout most of the run. Therefore I will be stuck with the treadmill for what remaining weeks I have left. I knew this would happen about this time anyway so it's really no big deal. My running this pregnancy has been 100 times better than the last, and for that I am still pretty grateful.

I've had Braxton Hicks contracts quite regularly now, which I'm hoping will mean this child may come faster than Maddy did...which also means I'm freaking out! I've also had backaches, headaches, and morning sickness! At this point with my first child there were no signs that labor would (ever) come, and eventually Maddy had to be evicted at about week 41 weighing in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces. I'm hoping this one will be a bit more ready. In the evenings he moves so much I feel like he's trying to escape...but I also don't want him to come for AT LEAST another 4 weeks. Now that I am nearing the home stretch I am worrying about every single little thing...

Running on the road? Not only can I not do it any more, I wouldn't dare. I am terrified that I'll slip and fall. I'm also very concerned that the heat and humidity is not good for the baby. I'm worried I move around too much. I'm worried that picking up Maddy is too much for him. I'm worried I've had too much artificial sweetener. I'm also craving oranges like crazy....maybe I haven't had enough folic acid? At least I'm not calling my husband every morning to make sure he unplugged the iron...haven't gotten to that point yet.

Speaking of iron, I switched my supplement from pill to liquid. Though it's pretty gross it works much better and I can already tell a difference. I've also started eating more protein in the morning and kept better tabs on my salt intake...which means very little puffiness! My feet and hands are not swollen and I can still tie my own shoes (it is a little difficult, I'll admit) all in all this pregnancy has gone by pretty fast and without many problems.

Week 31 (all my runs are in the am before work on the treadmill)

Monday: 50 min , felt great. Rocked this run. Even passed some other runners (awesome).

Tuesday: slept late, only managed 30 minutes of running before having to get Maddy ready for school. Felt guilt later in the day so walked the long way across campus in the afternoon to a meeting. I almost melted it was so hot...not making that mistake again.

Wednesday: 50 min walk/run. Tried to run outside and made it about a mile and a bit before the ligament pain started. Struggled to get back running for the remaining miles. One of my running friends saw me walking...hate that!

Thursday: 40 min run. I don't remember how I felt during this guess is large and awkward.

Friday: 50 min run with some miles in the 8:00-8:45 range. Felt great all day, such a happy run. Had an appetite today also, which is new.

Saturday: 70 min run before going to work for most of the day. The baby shifted down lower throughout the night, and when I woke up I felt like I was walking with a pole between my legs. I took it easy today just to be careful and ran super slow. It was horribly boring. Just went for time and didn't worry about the distance.

Sunday: I spent most of Saturday working outside in the hot sun. I woke up Sunday completely fried. I made Maddy breakfast and fell asleep on the couch....slept all the way through church. I attempted a workout in the afternoon... 40 minutes of walking with some running thrown in. Felt horrible all day.

Week 32

Monday: 45 minutes. Some fast minutes around 8:30 thrown in. I am feeling super pregnant. Really tired still, not sure if its still my iron or just my blood sugar...or just pregnancy. My husband is also gone all week so I am doing the parent thing solo once again. Makes everything a little bit more difficult.

Tuesday: 45 minutes. Once again had some fast sections, but the baby is still low and I am still dealing with that and being cautious.

Wednesday: 45 min run. I don't remember what I felt like, just that I ran.

Thursday: 30 min run. Just too tired to do anymore. Thursdays are always rough, especially with such an active 3.75 year old.

Friday: 40 min run. Wanted to run more but didn't get up early enough. Getting lazy...

Saturday: 80 min run on the treadmill. Good pace and felt pretty good. Pelvic floor a bit shot for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday: 30 min, a good bit of walking. Pelvic floor pretty sore, maybe I should have taken a day off instead....

Week 33

Monday: 35 min. Felt horrible and "off" because I am freaking out about everything. I decided to call it quits early

Tuesday: 45 min run. Felt pretty good today and had quite a bit of running in the 8:4X range. Energy starting to come back. Could be the liquid iron or my body prepping to have this child. Ohh....the sleepless nights....

Wednesday: 35 min. Slept in, couldn't find the motivation to get out of bed. Oops.

Thursday: 50 minutes. Good run and some fast sections. Less walk breaks too.

Friday: 50 minutes. Very slow day, just didn't feel 100%. Spent the rest of the day making nanaimo bars for a 4th of July party.

Saturday: 62 minutes, some nice faster sections. Pelvic floor really sore after an hour so didn't go the whole 80 min today.

Sunday: Either the baby shifted lower again over night or I've really done a number on my pelvic floor. Running is not possible today, power walking is almost too much. Power walked 40 min and called it a day.

Monday: 50 min of running, baby still really low and head down... but I had energy this morning!

Stats for 33.5 weeks:
Baby head down and engaged!
Baby weight: about 4.4lbs
Mom weight gain: 18 lbs
Cravings: OJ & cheese


L.A. Runner said…
I had to snicker at your OJ & cheese craving b/c I literally JUST ate a snack of cheese and grapefruit. (And I have eaten this snack every day this week, too.) I hear ya about getting a little 'over' being pregnant. I feel frustrated, too, because honestly the running is starting to suck. I am 31 weeks tomorrow and my running mileage is dwindling by the day. I've just lost my mojo! I'm trying to keep up with elliptical, but have found that running is just hot, tiring, and uncomfortable. :(

Hoping the next few weeks go smoothly and quickly for you, dear. Great job keeping up with the running, especially with a toddler… you're a rock star! I can't wait to see pics of your beautiful baby boy!

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