Saturday, July 26, 2014

36+ weeks. Officially on the home stretch.

This week I will go in for my week 37 appointment. We are no longer considered pre-term, and will have an ultrasound to guesstimate the babies size. Because Maddy was so big (and I am small) there is a possibility I will be induced before week 40. I would rather go into labor naturally but I don't even want to chance a c-section. With Maddy I was only minutes away...but we made it!

I'm still running though not a lot and not very fast. This baby is continuing to drop which makes it really hard to run (the bouncing feels like he might fall out). I don't think running everyday is really a good decision for my pelvic floor long term as pregnant and as big as my belly is, so I have power walked on an incline for an hour on the days when I find running too difficult. It's horribly boring, but it's something.

I'm really very lucky that I am still able to run at all, with my first I found it much more difficult. If I would find the energy to drag my butt out of bed by 5:00am to get the the gym, I could use the elliptical and I'd probably get in a better workout. I'm sort of lacking the motivation to do that.

My pace and distances are so embarrasing that I'm going to refrain from posting a log until I'm back running post-pregnancy. Just know that I am moving forward, though it's less of a run, and more of a slow, uncomfortable waddle...


Gracie said...

Almost there! 'm impressed you're still able to do so much. Hoping for an easy and safe delivery.

L.A. Runner said...

Time is DRAGGING!!!!!! I found out that Baby Savannah "dropped" this week, too. And yes, running pretty much sucks.

You've been a major rockstar through your whole pregnancy, and you've motivated me a lot without even knowing it! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby boy!