Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pregnancy running log week 29 (whew!)

Monday: 5 miles (did my new morning loop. A bit of ligament pain! Argh so frustrating. I am so slow I feel like a turtle!)
Tuesday: 5 miles (basically a repeat of Monday. Yay me.)
Wednesday: 40 min on the treadmill. No ligament pain, slept a little late and ran out of time but all in all a good run. Watched the last episode of Suits. Started Rome...not nearly enough eye candy :(
Thursday: Off. Running? Are you kidding me? I'm so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open! Did you know I am making a human?! I'll get back to running in another life time...
Friday: 5 miles (this took me almost an hour because I had some ligament pain and had to walk large portions of the first 1.5 miles) glad I got out today, felt much better than yesterday. Guess I just needed 24 hrs to feel sorry for myself
Saturday: 11 miles @ 9:12 avg (conservative as it is very hot & humid in Mississippi in June) found some new friends to run with and it was a very nice change of pace. No ligament pain after mile 3. Drank Gatorade every 3 miles when we stopped for water. Pelvic pain later that day and I completely crashed at about 4pm. Surprisingly, felt fine the next morning.
Sunday: 4 miles very slow, recovery. Houston found a turtle on his run today an brought it how. We bonded a bit...

Total: 35 miles at just shy of 30 weeks. About 5 less than I planned on but as tired as I am in the evenings, I'll take it. Really can't handle much more with a full work week and a 3 year old. I've only got 10 weeks left anyway.

Baby's room is almost ready. We spent the weekend re-arranging our house and getting all the new rooms ready. We will definitely be through with house changes by the beginning of July. Things are getting real.

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