Monday, June 16, 2014

Pregnancy running log 7 months

This week was a challenge. My husband was gone from Sunday-Saturday to Eugene for NCAA Track and Field Championships so running was (sort of) the last thing on my mind. I was more concerned with how I would manage single-parent mode all week at just a few days shy of the 7 month mark. By 3pm everyday I have been sick to my stomach with fatigue making the simple parent duties extremely difficult on my own. In order to survive, Maddy and I stuck to a pretty tight schedule all week, and I am happy to say that we both made it to school and work on time. Bonus: I ran everyday, and she never went hungry (kidding, but really I never forgot to feed her). We were in bed by 8pm each night, and I was up by 5am each morning for 50 min of waddling on the treadmill before she got up at about 6:30am demanding a brown sandwich or something similar (she is a princess after all). It turns out in less than a weeks time we will have to repeat this whole adventure one more time! After that, we are pretty much good to go until after the baby arrives.

(All treadmill runs with my husband gone)

Monday: 50 min of waddling. I may be slow but I am running, it's better than riding the trainer, which is horrible as big as my belly is now.

Tuesday: 50 min again. I'm starting to see a trend. Coffee is typically one of my favorite things ever, but lately I find it horrid. Takes me a lot longer to get ready for running in the morning without it.

Wednesday: 47 min. Maddy woke up early and demanded a brown sandwich when I was about half way (this is peanut butter with just a swipe of Nutella) took about 3 min to make.

Thursday: 50 min, spent a nice portion of this run in the 8's. I may have a huge bump but I am really rockin this pregnancy running thing.

Friday: Oh my, completely exhausted. This was more of a walk-run. Paying for yesterday. I am a turtle once again. 45 minutes.

Saturday: Slept in and didn't go to our regular running group. My pelvic floor thanks me. 70 min waddle before taking Maddy to the splash pad. Slept 3 hours in the afternoon.

Sunday: what's one more treadmill run? 30 min is all I've got. All running though, may have stopped for a second to grab a sip of water. Just enough running to not feel horrible.

Because I'm so slow, I've stopped counting miles and I mom now just logging minutes. I feel this will be easier on me mentally as baby gets bigger. He's only about 3.3 pounds now and will probably be between 8-9 by the time he is born in (hopefully) 9 weeks. That's a whole lot more baby to carry forward!

Stats for 30-31 weeks:
Baby weight: 3.3-3.5 pounds (measures perfect!)
Mommy weight gain: 17 pounds (spot on!)
Running: an average of 50 min every day
Sleeping: Horribly
Food Carvings: Nearly Sprite Zero considered a food item? What about diet cherry limeade? I'm looking forward to enjoying the taste and smell of food again in 9ish weeks....

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L.A. Runner said...

You are AWESOME! I'm not running every day, only about 5 days a week and only about 6-8 miles. There is no way I could run in the low 8s right now. LOL, like none. Great job on the single mom deal. It sounds exhausting.

You're such an inspiration!