Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pregnancy training log week 28

Monday:50 min run. Hot, many walk breaks. Felt horrible. Maybe went 5 miles if lucky.
Tuesday: 65 min total (35min run, 25 min elliptical with intervals of 3,2,1 x2) I tried running pick ups on the treadmill yesterday and it was just too much for my pelvic floor. Opted to use the elliptical from now on when doing any pregnancy intervals.
Wednesday:60 min run (jog, shuffle, whatever you call this. I have a flight phase and I'm sweating, good enough for me.)
Thursday: 70 min total (50 min running + 20 min elliptical w/ pregnancy intervals like Tuesday)
Friday: 60 min elliptical (tired today, didn't even attempt running, worked hard on the elliptical instead)
Saturday: 60 min running + 5 min elliptical. Felt good today, no ligament pain.
Sunday: 30 min run

This entire week I was in Florida for NCAA Track and Field Nationals 1st Round (East Region Prelims) so I ran everyday on a hotel treadmill. I had really no excuse for not getting my workouts in, I had plenty of time and plenty of sleep. I'm sure I stood out like a sore thumb...a very pregnant looking female shuffling along at a 9 min mile pace, sweating bullets and darting out every 20 min for a potty break. Though I look like I may go into labor any second, I still have a little less than 12 weeks to go until the little one makes its appearance (less than 9 weeks until we are full term). I'm not sure how I can be any more prepared. If he decides to come early (like full term early, of course) we will all be ready.


L.A. Runner said...

Good workouts, mamma! I've definitely slowed down, too. I might be incorporating more elliptical machine soon. I assume you do your intervals like you were telling me for the treadmill? Or is this something different?

mfranks said...

@L.A Runner - intervals are now just 1,2,3X2 or 3 times, all by feel, just to feel like I'm doing something. Not pushing it by any means, gosh we are almost there now.