Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pregnancy Training Log Week 26-27

Monday: 51 min run (mostly waddling here, I suffered, getting ligament pain like last time, had to take a lot of walking breaks, this loop normally only takes 45 minutes)

Tuesday: 55 min total, ran with Kelly for the first 32 minutes of her warmup. Her warmup was almost too fast for me, I was pretty much done by the time we parted ways. Had to take a break before continuing on. Started to feel very pregnant.

Wednesday: 58 min waddle/jog. Worse ligament pain than Monday! Same loop + 7 minutes on Monday's time...and Monday was 6 minutes slower than usual! Think I'm going to need to break down and buy a support belt!

Thursday: 50 min w/ 3x3min pickups. Less discomfort and much better weather. Did this mini session after traveling to Kentucky with family to watch the SEC Outdoor Meet. My pickups may not be faster than my easy run pace when not pregnant but at least I'm out there and attempting to move forward.

Friday: 10 min run and 50 min elliptical. Watched Suits while working out in the hotel Gym. Tried hard to avoid my reflection in the mirror.

Saturday: about 55 min of running on hotel treadmill and 10 min elliptical. Felt slow but at least it was running. Saw a scale in the gym, weighed myself....depressed for a few hours after that.

Sunday: 45 min w/ 4x pickups of 3-4 minutes. Faster run today and little discomfort. Guessing the treadmill is much easier on the bump.

Running is getting hard now that I'm heading into the final trimester. I'm getting big and slow and more emotional. I'm trying to find ways to think positively about my body, but I look twice a pregnant as I was with Maddy around this same time. Hopefully Things can stay really busy at work for the next few months so I can stop counting weeks and start "taking it all in." 13~ more to go.

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Murph. said...

Your fitness routine is impressive pregnancy or no pregnancy.