Monday, April 21, 2014

Pregnancy training log: Month 5

Saturday: 1 mile w/u, half marathon in 1:36:57 (4th). ~14 miles
Sunday: jogged the neighborhood loop. Groin muscles a bit tight but that's it.~ 2 miles
Monday: wicked rain. Wimped out and ran inside on treadmill.~ 6 miles
Tuesday: 65 min w/ 2x10 min @ light tempo (got dropped on last 3 minutes). ~8.5 miles
Wednesday: 50 minutes. ~ 7 miles
Thursday: exhausted all day. Slept in until 6:30am. Houston not home so decided to take the day off and avoid the treadmill. ~0 miles
Friday: Day off work so got a baby sitter and ran about an hour with a friend. Averaged about 8mpm. ~7 miles
Saturday: long run day, pulled my groin helping with the water after mile 6 and walked a mile just to be cautious. Running about 7:30 pace before that. ~ 9 miles
Sunday: worried about the groin. It was hurting so much Saturday that I had a hard time walking. Decided to take a day off and cross training. 2x30 min on the indoor bike trainer with some 1 min hard, 1 min easy thrown in. ~ equal to about 7 miles based on perceived effort.
Monday: felt much better today, got in a morning run with Micah at 7:15-735 pace. ~ 8 miles

Stats (week 22.5)
Pounds gained: 12
Baby weight: just over a pound
Days running: pretty much everyday unless I'm hurting or overly fatigued
Miles per week: typically 50, down a bit this week with the x-training and fatigue
Strength: started, then quit, then started again. Got to get strong for labor! Already starting to think about it!
Weeks to go: 17!!