Saturday, March 1, 2014

Running for two

Most know now that Houston and I are expecting our second child in August this year. I am started to look and feel very pregnant, my belly is about twice as big as it was with my first child and I am running short on wearable clothing. I have continued to run, and now that I am in the neighborhood of 15-16 weeks I'm still logging somewhere around 50 miles per week. I don't have the desire or motivation to run much more than that.

As excited as I am to have another child, I really do not enjoy being pregnant. Pregnancy is different for everyone, and I for one get extremely sick. I spent the first semester sick from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed at night, only getting relief when I slept. I've stopped throwing up, but I am still gagging up over the smallest things, like someone using the microwave to heat up a sandwich or the smell of a local restaurant I happened to run the 5:30am....when it wasn't even OPEN. And while some ladies stay virtually symptom free, I am told I am one of the lucky ones because the constant feeling of throw up in the back of my throat means I am having a healthy pregnancy.

Though my appetite is uncontrollable at times, and I can't even function on an almost empty stomach, I am glad and excited for the changes that will soon take place. Every week my stomach grows a little bit more and I start to feel a little bit better. As much as I cannot wait for August to arrive, I am enjoying the mental break from serious training and the Maddy and Mommy time before we welcome the new addition.


L.A. Runner said...

Thank you for your honesty, "I don't enjoy being pregnant." Honestly, I feel that way, too, and I've wanted to be pregnant for nearly 10 years! Like you, though, I am so GRATEFUL to be pregnant and to be having a child, so very blessed. I've tried super super hard to not complain one bit, because I KNOW how lucky I am. However, yes, I am with you. What.the.crap is up with my body? Fortunately, I am not sick all day, but I am sick nearly every afternoon and evening. In a few days, I will be in my 2nd trimester, and maybe, just maybe, I can eat something more than soup for dinner.

I love your bump pic on instagram. AND thanks so much for the great running advice. Here's to healthy babies and some relief for mamma! HUGS!

mfranks said...

Yep, pregnancy sucks! But, it's all soo totally worth it...and I'm glad we have super baby making abilities!

Gracie said...

Congratulations to you two! I hope you're feeling a little better soon.

Amy@Will Run For Ice Cream said...

Congrats girl!!