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Long run success.

AM: 40min run, ~10 miles @ 6:25, 50 min run (~ 21 miles)

After Wednesday's workout I had a hard time getting my legs recovered. Maybe it was all the biking I did last week, or that I was about to hit 90+ miles after barely running the week prior. Whatever it was, it did not give me enough confidence to get my long run in Saturday, so instead I ran a relaxed 12 miles wth strides and pushed the harder session until Sunday.

I asked Houston to see if he could recruit one of his men to pace me for 10 miles of my 20 miler. It turns out must of his guys run their long runs at my marathon pace, which means they would not be sacrificing themselves (somewhat). Once I got to the track I was surprised to find a pack of 5 guys waiting to assist with pacing duties. We set off, running two loops of the hilly campus 5, boring but probably the best in terms of traffic. Immediately I felt tight and short of breath and spent most of the first loop trying to get comfortable.

Call it whatever you will…

3x3 mile on the "Run For Education"

4:45am: 2 mile w/u, 2 mile c/d, 3x3mile w/ jog recoveries @ Mpace, Mpace-10sec, Mpace- 20 sec1.) 6:19, 6:18, 6:10 2.) 6:12, 6:11, 6:09 3.) 6:06, 6:04, 5:56
This was my first "official" hard day after all last week's chaos, so I was a little bit scared and intimidated by this workout on paper. Honestly, in the past when I had 3x3 mile scheduled I have (more than once) swapped it for an 8 mile tempo or 4x 2 mile. It scares me, not sure why, but today I was determined to finish, solo or not (I did have Micah for company on interval 1 and 2). 
Thought I wasn't breaking any records out there on a flat-as-pancake course, I did feel great the entire time, and only felt like it was getting hard towards the very end when I decided to clock the last mile in something like 5:55. Regardless, I mean it was 4:45am, anything fast does not come easy that early.
Though my legs are still a bit wobbly from riding the trainer all last week, the rest of my body is quite fresh and I'm thin…

Rehab Week.

Last Monday I was worried I wasn't going to be able to run for 2 months. Today I ran twice, nearly 14 miles total. It's funny how quickly the body can recovery from some aches and pains, and seems to never come back from others.
This was my "rehab week" (below). Every time I got on the trainer I peddled hard. I finished off the week with extremely tired legs that were begging to hit the pavement. The bike is one of my least favourite cross training activities, but it's the most convenient. I can watch TV, check email and read while peddling. I still haven't mastered the art of reading while running on the treadmill.
saturday: 2 hr 5 min (knee hurt bad) quit early, this was supposed to be a 2:45 run (felt great physically at 2 hrs) Sunday: bike 30/45 double Monday: 15 min jog PM: ? I can't remember what I did that afternoon.... Tuesday: 70 min run (knee hurt) 45 min bike (intervals, hard) Wednesday: 20 min tempo run, 70 min bike w/ 4 x 10 min up tempo Thursday: 6…


I haven't had much for injuries that stop me from running in 3 years now. However, two days before the WMRC, I fell on some rocks on the trail and scraped up both me knees. It hurt but it didn't keep me from running, until I returned home and got back into my normal training routine.

On Saturday the plan was for a 2:45 long run and at a nice pace (nothing crazy) I felt great just before the 2 hour mark, when my knee started throbbing. I ended up having to stop right at 2:05. I haven't been able to run since.
I've road the bike like crazy for three days. Yesterday I saw the trainer and she told me I strained a tendon and bruised part of the bone. The fact that I can ride the trainer without much discomfort is promising. However, every day of running I miss is a day less training I have for Indianapolis Marathon. This week was suppose to be one of my biggest weeks, and I've already missed half of it. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet, but I'm hoping for …

World Mountain Running Championships update

WMRC Results: 44th overall in 48:57 (1st Canadian) 12th as a team

Going into this race I had no idea what to expect. I guess I expected to finish top 50, but I never expected to have so much fun doing it. It is going to take me sometime to recap this trip. For now, here are a few articles and photos for you to enjoy.

Canadian Men Break Top 10 in the World, Women Place 12th 

Alberta PrimeTime Interview

Starkville Daily News Interview (don't worry, this one requires a subscription)

Photo album

Last mini speed session

Tuesday: am: 28 min, PM: 20 min progressive w/u at 0 incline (7:00min down to 6:00) 5min @ 5:18 & 0 incline, 4 min @ 7:53 & 12 incline, 3 min @ 5:15, 2 min @ 7:53 & 12 incline, 1 min @ 5:00 & 0 incline, 15 min c/d
I've been doing all my treadmill runs at see sort of an incline (if not at 10 or above) so I thought today I would cut myself a break and alternate repeats at 0% and repeats at 12%. I was a little uncomfortable on the 5 min segment ( having not had the chance to do any strides) but things improved tremendously from then on. I felt fast and fit. Not the most exciting workout ever accomplished, but enough to get me turning over and to give me a little confidence before WMRC. 

Weekend long run

Saturday: 20 miles progressive treadmill runIncline @ 0.5-1.0 w/ random segments between 1.5-3.5 to break it up 30 min @ 6:53 35 min @ 6:49-6:44 26 min @ 6:31 26 min @ 6:22 8min @ 12 incline,8- 8:20 pace,  2 miles @ 6:15-6:11
Originally I had not planned on running 20 this weekend, but my long runs have improved   tremendously lately, as has the rest of my running, so I decided to stick with the long term (marathon) plan. It was hot and humid so I opted not to kill myself and ran on the treadmill. I was able to drink, take salt and gels with out an issue, and I only had a few minor Maddy interruptions.
A treadmill run ended up being a smart move. This now makes 3 solid 20 mile runs in about 5 weeks time. Just the confidence I need to climb a few mountains next weekend some of the best mountain runners in the world.