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Saturday's Solo 21 miler

AM: 21 miles w/ 18 @ 6:35-6:45 (south farm, campus 5, downtown) hot and humid.

After scrambling last minute to find a sitter, I made a plan to execute this workout solo. Last week I was blessed with a group of perfect pacers, and this week I felt like I needed to go through the motions on my own, all the while keeping the pace as fast as I could without breaking myself.

We had been blessed with cool weather all week, so you can imagine my surprise when I stepped out the door at 7:15am and it was already warm. I ran the south farm loop first so I could get water after the first 8 miles, and by the time I got water it was no longer warm, but hot. I felt miserable in the sun, but relaxed in the shade. Overall, my pace didn't change when I hit the 5 mile loop so I just kept going.

It was game day in Starkville, and we were playing none other then LSU. That morning while I was dressing in the dark, I mistakenly selected a Brooks purple and yellow running outfit (with matching shoes, what was this?). I should have known something was up when half way through the South Farm loop a young man feeding the cows yelled, "Go Tigers." I thought..."What? Did he just say that?" Then, about 3 miles later I got booed (and almost mugged) while running through tailgates on campus, and then while running down Main Street an older man screamed and pretended that his eyes were burning. Wonderful.

Houston had recruiting duties all weekend, so I spent Saturday running Maddy around from birthday party to birthday party, and finally convinced her to go home to watch Daniel Tiger on the couch. We went to bed early and I woke up feeling good, fresh, and confident! Bring on Indianapolis!


L.A. Runner said…
Holy moly, girl! That's AWESOME! You ROCKED that.
Awesome run! Way to rock it on your own. Funny (but not with the almost mugging) about the campus running...I guess next time you'll check your colors before leaving. :) And I can so remember those days when my husband was working and I would cherish those few moments when the kids would sit down for a show while I crashed on the couch!
Johann said…
Super run! Doing the long ones solo makes you strong.
Cathy Ahearn said…
Following you publicly! Please check out my blog as well Cathy Hope you will
follow along too.

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