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After running a disastrous half-marathon in NOLA in record heat and humidity (still finishing 2nd, I may add) I decided to really scale back my training. Surprisingly, my workout Wednesday after the weekend race went well, and the following Saturday I had a great 15 miler with the middle 12 at just a few seconds slower than my goal marathon pace.

Monday I cut 10 minutes from my regular run, and slept in Tuesday morning. That afternoon I hit the XC course for a little speed session.

20 min w/u, 20 min c/d
10 min at marathon pace
3x 1 mile @ 5:13, 5:11, 5:12

I had planned on hanging on for dear life at the back of the pack for the duration of the workout, but to my surprise I felt good, relaxed,and had a chance to push the pace up front. Either it's the taper, or I'm finally seeing the benefits of all those workouts I put together training for World Mountain Champs. Some what regretting that I'm not running National Cross, as it looks like I'm fitter this fall than I was…

Saturday's Solo 21 miler

AM: 21 miles w/ 18 @ 6:35-6:45 (south farm, campus 5, downtown) hot and humid.

After scrambling last minute to find a sitter, I made a plan to execute this workout solo. Last week I was blessed with a group of perfect pacers, and this week I felt like I needed to go through the motions on my own, all the while keeping the pace as fast as I could without breaking myself.

We had been blessed with cool weather all week, so you can imagine my surprise when I stepped out the door at 7:15am and it was already warm. I ran the south farm loop first so I could get water after the first 8 miles, and by the time I got water it was no longer warm, but hot. I felt miserable in the sun, but relaxed in the shade. Overall, my pace didn't change when I hit the 5 mile loop so I just kept going.

It was game day in Starkville, and we were playing none other then LSU. That morning while I was dressing in the dark, I mistakenly selected a Brooks purple and yellow running outfit (with matching shoes, wh…

Mid-week workout on the XC Course

AM: 25 min run (oops! Slept in)
PM: 20 min w/u, 20 min c/d
4 x 1 mile @ tempo, 800m @ 5k pace (1.5/2 min rest)
5:49, 2:45
5:44, 2:43
5:45, 2:45
5:48, 2:45

I was irritated that I couldn't get my 800s under 2:40, but I was running this workout solo and the footing was not to my liking. Don't get me wrong, MSU has a fabulous XC course, but it took me about half this workout to get used to the bumpy grass and the holes. And judging by the miles at "tempo" I road the break a little too much on the 800s. Still, in the middle of a great week of miles, I'm pretty happy with how relaxed this session felt.

I'm running Jazz Half in New Orleans on the 12th. There is no elite field but it looks like the race still gets great support from some wicked fast runners. Because I haven't done the work to PR at the half-marathon distance, I would just like to have a successful race before I have to toe the line on Nov 2nd for another 26.2. Today's long run will be a littl…