Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Canadian Half-Marathon Champs Results

Canadian Half-Marathon Champs Results: 1:22:17 (8th)


My first official race of the year turned out to be a huge disappointment. I felt fine Saturday before the race, but didn't sleep AT ALL the night before. Maybe it was nerves or an uncomfortably hot hotel room, but if I got any sleep it was a few minutes between 5:58am and 7.

I have never not slept the night before a race, therefore the 5:44 opening mile felt more like 5:35, and after three miles at about 5:45 pace I fell apart completely. I never gave up, if anything I pushed as hard as I could, hurting as much as I possibly could from 10k until the finish. There was no strength in my legs and I had to fight to maintain my position. Finishing 8th was not something I was proud of, I didn't travel all the way to Montreal to run a 1:22. If there is anyone out there that has really read my blog then you will remember that I just ran a 13.2 mile tempo in 1:22:11, feeling wonderful in the middle of a 90-95 mile week. This was slower than my recent tempos of 10-13+ miles.

My first thought was to throw in the towel, however it was just one race (and one badly executed after a sleep-free night.) when I returned home Monday, I had Houston review my last four months of training to see what "I was missing". His response was "this might be the most impressive 4 months of training I have seen. There is no way you are not in shape."

That gave me a little confidence and we talked about why I felt the need to go out at a 5:45 pace versus a 6:05. He once again pointed out that I did not execute the race correctly and should have known better. I know this. I don't know what I was thinking.

But, It's over now and I've moved on.


RunnerBecky said...

I love reading your posts. I live just down the road in Louisville :) Always impressed with your training and racing!

katie @ msfitrunner said...

Sorry that your race did not go as planned. I am not as fast as you, but had almost the exact same experience with my half last weekend - went out at a 6:00 instead of a 6:10 (had big goals for this one) and it killed me. I wanted to die and was pushing hard from the 10k on. And it was HOT, for coming from cold weather training. I've been reading your blog for a bit and you should not let this deter you - bad races happen! That means the next one will be fabulous:) As always, look forward to reading your posts and your killer training.

Chang said...

enjoyed reading your blog sorry for the run as it didn't go as you planned.