Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday's workout

With Canadian National Half marathon Champs only a few days away, this short and controlled "last chance workout" was the confidence boost I needed.
This week is National Volunteer Week, which means its the busiest week of the year for the center. I made time to run each day only once being that work took priority over everything else. Good thing that I had a recovery week planned.

Once Wednesday rolled around I got a chance to catch my breath and jump on the treadmill for one last speed session. Being that Houston is in Philly for Penn Relays it was a necessity evil, but because I find treadmill running easier then running on a road course, I was able to maintain a pretty good clip without emptying the tank. Surprisingly enough, I was extremely controlled the entire time. Is this is a sign of good things to come? Maybe. I'm not banking on that yet, I've still got a few days to mess things up.

20 min w/u at 6:45 avg.
10 min @ 5:35 (3:30 rest)
3 miles @ 5:46 (3:30 rest)
1 mile @ 5:24 (3:00 rest)
3x 1 min @ 5:10/5:07/5:02
10 min jog c/d

Run Happy! :)

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L.A. Runner said...

"I've still got a few days to mess this up." Hahahaha! Girl, you are crazy. Best wishes for a GREAT race!