Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday's fit test

AM: 15 min w/u, 15 min c/d
2k @ 5:48 pace, 1 mile @ 6:20-6:25, 1 mile @ 5:45, 1 mile @ 6:25, 1300m @ 5:45 pace, 1 mile @ 6:20, 800m @ 5:33 pace, 1 mile @ 6:25, 400m @ 5:30 pace, + 6x150m strides

This workout was done on my hilly tempo loop at 4:45am. There is no true recovery, you recover from each interval with a mile at marathon pace. though my marathon pace is (hopefully) faster than this, this is what I could handle today.

It ended up that every single "hard effort" ended on hill and most of the marathon paced "recovery" sections were on the flat or going down hill. At the time it was a little frustrating because the ups killed average pace on most of the hard sections, but in the end it's good for me...and overall I still hit my times. Thanks to Houston for pushing me through it.

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