Monday, March 18, 2013

Marathon Tempo #1

Friday: 10 miles
Saturday: easy run accompanied by stomach flu
Sunday: 20 min w/u, 13.21 miles @6:21 pace, 10 min c/d   (1st female)

So I had planned on running the Germantown half-marathon as a marathon paced tempo for a few weeks now. I didn't, however, plan on getting Maddy's stomach bug the day before. Because I doubted I would be able to run based on the way I (and Maddy) felt on Saturday, we didn't actually leave for Memphis until Sunday morning @ 3:30am.

Even more impressive was the way I ran this race. I actually suffered a major S.I. episode and locked up badly from 3-7 miles...clocking at least 2 miles as slow as 6:45. Once I hit 8 things started to losses back up and I felt great from mile 9 onward. I finished feeling good, not tired. A little over goal pace but good enough based on all the set backs.

Glad I opted for some company this time, tempo running on your own can be rather mind numing. I very much enjoyed being out there Sunday. Hopefully I can add another 13 miles in the near future to finally meet my 2:45 goal.

With three hard sessions and some quality training runs, I believe this would be considered a successful week.

Finish photo:


Katie said...

Wow! That's really an amazing workout especially after a stomach bug. It seems to me that 2:45 is in there, and just waiting for the right day to bust out.

Also, thanks for the input on the TM pacing. I found it very helpful. I'm running all my hard workouts on a 1% incline now, but I think there's still a TM advantage. Unfortunately, my TM doesn't do 1/2%, so I might have to alternate between 1 and 2%.

Richard Hefner said...

So nice to meet you Meggan! I know it was just a marathon tempo run for you but pretty amazing to us mere mortals! You won the RRCA Tennessee State Championship and barely broke a sweat!

Amy Glass said...

Nice Run!