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Marathon Tempo #2

AM: 15 min w/u, 13.12 miles @ marathon pace (6:16), 20 min c/d
(Viking Half - 1st female/3rd person in 1:22:11)

Just two weeks after my first marathon paced long run, I ran this one on a similar course and averaged 5 seconds per mile faster giving the same amount of effort. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get in the 30 min of running before and after that I had planned on, but in the end I believe this day was successful. I was only beat by 2 men, ran 9 miles of it solo, and felt pretty good once again when it was all over.

Unfortunately the S.I. is still there and I suffered with it from mile 4-9, but only one of those miles ended up being slower than marathon pace. I've been consistent with my exercises and I feel like the long tempos are really helping with the strength in my hip. One giant step forward!

Unexpected workout success

AM: 30 min @ 7:08 pace
PM: 14 min w/u w/ 4x150m @ 5:10-4:45 pace
3x2 miles on hilly loop:
2miles w/ splits of 5:44, 5:34
4 min jog rest
2miles w/ splits of 5:36, 5:44
4 min jog
2 miles w/ splits of 5:57, 5:01 (SHORT & off road/through the bush)
15 min c/d

I did this workout on my lunch break Wednesday when traffic was absolutely awful. I had convinced myself that it was going poorly early on because I had not looked at my Garmin splits yet and just FELT like my legs were tired. The last interval I started without any plan of where I would end up, and quick thinking made me take a turn by the vet school and through the wooded cut-through on the backside of Sherwood. Here, the hills destroyed my pace and took all the fight out of my legs. Regardless of the bush whacking I was still able to come in under 6:00 for the first half of the interval and continue to keep the effort up from there.

I had summed this workout up to be a huge fail until I finally got a chance to go ba…

Praying to the Turnover Gods

I've had two S.I. episodes this week, but the last one was not near as bad as the first so I feel like I'm headlong back in the right direction. I saw Jack Weimer for an hour, I did strength everyday. I'm running a large amount of miles, and with the exception of having no turnover, I'm feeling pretty good about it.
There is not question that the long tempo runs drive my training, so I've got another one scheduled at the end of this week, running the Viking half in Greenwood, Mississippi. I've got a long way to go until I feel like I can run 6:20 pace in my sleep, but each week it feels like it is getting a little easier.
I've started to feel like the treadmill running has made my hamstrings weak, so I've been trying my best to run everything on hills and hilly gravel loops. My Saturday tempo was sort of a disaster, but looking back I think I just needed someone there to push me when the hills killed my pace...and there was nobody within minutes of me. Th…

Race Preview: Historic Starkvegas 5k/10k

Last year I ran the Historic Starkvegas 10k as a tempo run to prepare for the Montreal Half-Marathon. This year I plan to do the same, and for anyone in Mississippi that reads this blog, I want to encourage you to come to this race.

The route takes you through historic downtown and even dips onto the MSU campus. The course is rolling (Starkville is not flat!) and even covers a large portion of my favorite tempo route. The scenic course is well marked with signage and volunteers and starts/finishes at the same place in front of the Greensboro Center. Also, it's certified and the course has changed slightly from last year because of rumors that it was long.

This year's race offers a 10k/5k and family fun run. Being that the temperature is typically pleasant in the morning, the race starts at 8:00am (which, I am looking forward to).

Race registration will begin at 7am at the Greensboro Center in Starkville. Hope to see you there!
Paper registration:…

Marathon Tempo #1

Friday: 10 miles
Saturday: easy run accompanied by stomach flu
Sunday: 20 min w/u, 13.21 miles @6:21 pace, 10 min c/d   (1st female)

So I had planned on running the Germantown half-marathon as a marathon paced tempo for a few weeks now. I didn't, however, plan on getting Maddy's stomach bug the day before. Because I doubted I would be able to run based on the way I (and Maddy) felt on Saturday, we didn't actually leave for Memphis until Sunday morning @ 3:30am.

Even more impressive was the way I ran this race. I actually suffered a major S.I. episode and locked up badly from 3-7 miles...clocking at least 2 miles as slow as 6:45. Once I hit 8 things started to losses back up and I felt great from mile 9 onward. I finished feeling good, not tired. A little over goal pace but good enough based on all the set backs.

Glad I opted for some company this time, tempo running on your own can be rather mind numing. I very much enjoyed being out there Sunday. Hopefully I can add anoth…

Baby Steps.

Monday: 80 minutes @ 6:58-6:44 w/ 10*1 min hard @ 5:18, 1 min jog in btwn.
Tuesday: 72 min easy
Wednesday: 90 min w/ strides
Thursday: AM: 30 min PM: 1.5 mile w/u, 8x1000m @ 3:35, 3:33, 3:32, 3:32, 3:31, 3:30, 3:34, 3:27, 1 mile c/d w/ 4x 150 strides (on the track) 90 sec rest
One thing I don't do a very good job of is describe in my training log is how much "effort" I put into some of my training sessions. I know that the "giving it all you got" mentality, as glamorous as it may seem in fitness inspired posts floating around Facebook, is really a recipe for disaster in the long run. And this year I'm looking forward to a long racing season which means I've got to be more patient in my hard sessions and more focused on my recovery.
I've been sleeping more about eating better, which means my overall energy has improved. I've stopped counting miles and started back counting "minutes" and running doubles when I'm really tired. Though last …