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Running injury caused by parenting

I don't get injured much. Being a toe runner (not a fore-foot runner or a mid-foot runner, a TOE runner) most of my running-related injuries are having to do with my achilles and calf. Non-running related, when I was in tenth grade I took a really bad fall on my snowboard and could not run for almost an entire week. In 11th grade I hurt myself playing rugby that put my on the sidelines for a few days. The injuries you get from everyday life that keep you from running, I despise those injuries.

These past seven days were suppose to be pretty intense, 3 hard sessions with one in the middle of an 18 mile run. Tuesday I ran a speed fartlek in the morning around the inner loop of Sherwood, with warm-up and cool-down it was only about 6-7 miles, so that afternoon I went out and ran a moderately paced 8 miles. Wednesday I took it easy, 8 in the morning, 3 at night. Thursday I ran in the morning and had planned on running the Glow Run 5K on campus in the evening. I felt pretty good throughout Thursday.

Thursday around 3:00pm I was pulling Maddy's car seat out of my car to give to her Grandmother (my mother-in-law), she had come into town to help me prepare a meal for a co-ed service fraternity that I am the advisor for, among other things. I was in the parking lot at my work, the straps were stuck in the seat, I was pulling hard to get them out. I must have turned too much to one side...afterwards I was having trouble breathing. I thought maybe it was anxiety or the medicine I was taking for the chest cold. It started to get painful. I soon realized I had pulled a muscle in my back.

I went home to change, thought maybe warming up would help. I got back to campus, jogged two miles. The jogging was not helping, it started to hurt more and breathing became more difficult. I grabbed my bag and left.

I tossed and turned most the night, every once in a while I would turn a certain way only to be woken up with a sudden jolt of pain. Upon waking that morning, my back hurt but my breathing was better. I wrapped myself up in a tensor bandage and jumped on the treadmill for a slow 8 miles. I was able to manage 8:20 pace with only a small amount of pain, about 80 seconds per mile slower than I would have ran that morning.

Saturday morning I awoke and was determined to get a good run it. I once again, wrapped a tensor bandage across my chest and started running. Because my regular sitter was out of town and I didn't know how long this run would last, the treadmill seemed like my best option. Due to my legs feeling pretty fresh and pure stubbornness, I proceeded to have the best "treadmill" tempo run I have ever had.

4 mile warm-up @ 6:58 & 1 incline
30 min @ 5:49 & .5-1.0 incline
5 min rest (tending to Maddy)
20 min @ 5:49-5:46 & .5 incline
4 rest (tending to Maddy)
10 min @ 1.0 incline & 6:15 pace
5 miles @ 6:58 & 1.0 incline
(19 + miles)

I say "treadmill" because treadmill running and running on the roads are very different, I know that. Most conversion charts say that a 6:00 at 0 incline on the treadmill is equal to about a 6:15 on the roads. I am not sure if I agree with it being 15 seconds per mile different, but it probably pretty close. I am trying to get used to the 1.0 incline, throughout the workout I hovered between 1.5 and .5 incline. 

Yesterday's 19 miles left me feeling confident for Mercedes. Though I missed three quality running days do to a freak injury, its going to be ok. I've learned another valuable lesson; make sure your husband takes the car seat out of his car before he leaves for the weekend.

Run happy.


Vicky Cook said…
ouch, have done something similar to my back and it wasn't pleasant. You only realise that you engage your back in every single move you make when it's sore.
Interesting input about treadmill and threshold pace/incline. I am trying to work it out. When you say you're not sure you agree with 6 on a 0 incline being 6:15 on the road, do you think it's slower or faster than 6:15? Just curious. I don't think the treadmill is all that much easier than the road, a bit yes, but not all that much. As for those inclines, they make it so much tougher be it a 0.5 or higher.

Good job on the workout, hope your back is fully recovered soon.
Yup, the nonrunning injuries are frustrating. I fell on my backbone 2 summers ago and was unable to run pain free for over one month. And yesterday I shoveled for about 1 hour and my back hurts today. Grr! Great job with your training. Hope the back feels better! Daniels has a chart that converts TM running at various inclines to road running and he says the difference between running outside on flat and running on the TM @ 0% incline is 7 secs/mile. I find that running on the TM is easier on my HR, harder on my quads and hip flexors (my hamstrings are just going for the ride), and pure mental torture all around. Kudos to you for sticking to it:)
mfranks said…
Hi Vicky! I feel like its more like ten seconds her mile versus 15 seconds, but every treadmill is different. For example, I think 5:49 and 0 incline is about 5:59 pace effort. Most places say that you need to run everything a a 1.0 incline, but I usually set the treadmill at 0.5 and add 5 seconds to my pace for it to be equal to a track workout or a very flat road loop. However, every treadmill is different. I have ran on treadmills that feel harder than mine...and easier than mine, too.

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