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Just a log and return to normal training

After spending most of December eating and running "when I felt like it", I returned to my normal training routine just two weeks ago. Surprisingly there was not too much fitness lost, but I've still got a long road ahead of me.

Wednesday, Jan 2nd: 13.2 miles in 1:30 on treadmill After 30min, 15 min @ 6:18, 2 rest, 10 min @ 6:15-6:03, jog, 10 min @ 6:1 5-6:03, jog, 5 min @ 5:56, 2 mile c/d @ 6:44
Thursday, Jan 3rd: 9 miles w/ Kelly, ab circuit, ab ball, lower body circuit, stretch
Friday, Jan 4th: 10 miles w/ strides (10)
Saturday, Jan 5th: 15 miles w/ 10 @ sub 6:30; 2 sections faster than marathon pace (15)
Sunday, Jan 6: 64 minutes, 200 sit-ups, leg lifts, squats  (8) ----
Monday, Jan 7: am: 82 min w/ 4x slow strides, pm: 30 min w/ 4x fast strides. (15)
Tuesday, Jan 8: am: 49 minutes @ 7:20 (7)
Wednesday, Jan 9: 2.5 mile w/u, 5x 1 mile @ 5:44, 38, 44, 39, 33, 2 mile c/d (10) PM: ab workout
Thursday, Jan 10: 97 min, PM: 22 min w/ 4x strides (16)
Friday: AM: 53 minutes (7)

Canadian Christmas Vacation

Every clock in my mother's house is wrong. Some are off by an hour, others by an odd amount, like the one in the kitchen is off by 1hr, 19 minutes.
I chuckle at this because I completely understand my Mom's issue with the clocks. She lives 15 miles out of town, and 4 miles down a dirty road. It's "country living" at its best and its were I grew up. My mom operates on her own schedule, up before the sun comes up most morning anyway, she knows pretty much what time it is judging by the light of the day. Operating her own business for over 25 years, during the spring and summer she works around the clock, making the time of day pretty irrelevant. The winter is when her schedule is the lightest. At one point during our visit she asked me, "what day is it, anyway?" This is typical Mom.

Alberta winter's were always hard for me. The days are short and cold, temperatures are commonly -20C or worse, the sun rises at just before nine and sets just after thre…