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Heart & Sole Half-Marathon Disaster

AM: 20 min w/u
13.?? mile race in 1:21:11 (1st**) $350 (off course)
40 min c/d, 20+ miles

1st with many ***..let me explain...

I typically like to run a half about 3 weeks out from a full, so when I found this race online and saw that it was in Jonesboro and the payout was decent, I expected I would run into Leah Thorvilson (who is coming off an injury) and Zamzam Sangau. I was right, they both showed up.

Before I go any further I would just like to clarify..I did not truly beat Leah and Zamzam. There was a whole lot of chaos around mile 6 with us all running off course...them much farther off course then myself because I had let them gap me a good bit. It was just a huge worth an explanation.

I had viewed the reviews of this race online and knew it would be difficult. It was net uphill, but the recent course modifications mentioned that they had removed a few of the hills and promised a mix of "hills and flat" (...haha...right). It also offered a cash purse…

Tempo Tuesday

After being sick all weekend + Monday, Tuesday morning I woke up expecting to get some kind of a workout in. I ran for about 2 min and realised it wasn't going to happen...I still felt like garbage.
Sooo...I went back to bed, woke up over an hour later to get Maddy up and ready for daycare/work.
Tuesday afternoon I wasn't feeling awesome but when I jumped on the treadmill my legs felt good (maybe because I had only cover 10 total miles in 2 days) so I decided I would try running hard and see what happened.I'm running Heart & Sole Half so I didn't want to go crazy but I did want to run fast. I decided 30 minutes of tempo would do the trick. 20 min @ 6:45
3x1 min @ 5:20 w/ 30 rest
30min @ 5:49 No cooldown (had a program I had to get to)Even though the treadmill gives you super powers and allows you to do crazy stuff that you can't do in real life ( 0 incline, no wind, etc. etc.) It was enough to make me feel like I worked hard, but didn't kill myself. I'…

Long run at Boardtown

AM: 20 miles w/ 17@6:40avg at Boardtown
Pickups at miles 16,17,19 (6:10,6:16,6:00)
Had to get this one in solo. I guess all my running friends took off on glamours vacations this weekend and forgot to invite me (jk).

I wanted to go 21-22 this morning but my stomach was upset the whole time and I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something. After 4 trips into the bush I stopped keeping track. I had no problem pushing the pace when I needed to, but overall I knew I didn't feel quite right and had to keep myself from throwing up on multiple occasions.
Once again another 90+ miles in7 days (8 runs)

Which brings me to the end of this training cycle, and only 4 week until the Columbus Marathon. I have never worked harder than I have since the Spring when I decided to just go after it and hopefully not fall to pieces. I have done some incredible workouts, and I have also fell flat on my face multiple times dealing with dehydration, fatigue, and S.I. problems. I am excited abo…

Great article about America's obesity trend

Just some reading for the average citizen concerned about the U.S. obesity rate
(The Huffington Post)

....and some inspiration for you to get up and do something about it.

Wednesday Tempo

4:45 AM: 2mile w/u
7 mile tempo loop in 41:37 ( first mile easy in 6:20, last 6 miles 5:53 avg)
3 mile c/d

I am extremely pleased with how this run went because I was really worried about this workout for the past week. I have been sitting pretty logging tempos at 6:15 pace (marathon pace) so I knew trying to get my legs to go sub-6 for 7 miles was going to be a challenge.

I started out easy for the sake of my hip, and after clocking a 6:20 for the first mile I really got after it. It took about 2 more miles for my legs to really respond to the pace (I won't lie, I was a little worried). By mile two I was completely alone (one friend is training for a half-iron man, the other is running a 50K in a few weeks so sub-6 was really not the goal) and by mile 3 I found my stride and didn't feel like I was about to fall out at any minute, if anything I let me legs dictate the pace while paying no attention to my Garmin.

I won't say that my hip is completely fixed, but it is almost…

This past week's log.

Monday: 12 miles on the roads at a good pace
Tuesday: 20min w/u, 15x 80sec @5:18 pace, 40 sec jog rec., 20min c/d (treadmill)
Wednesday: 80 minutes
Thursday: 80 minutes
Friday: 1.5 mile w/u, 14.56 miles at 6:16 pace on hilly road loop,1.5 mile c/d
Saturday: AM:31 min easy w/ the jogger, PM: 36 min (treadmill)
Sunday: 2 hour run @7:15avg (watched 3 episodes of 24 while on the treadmill)

Just shy of 90 miles for the week and I'm feeling pretty good about it! 

Houston traveled to Nashville with the team so I got a chance to take Maddy out in the jogger Saturday. I really enjoy the runs we get to go on together...we had a good weekend.

Marathon Simulator Run

1.5 mile w/u
3 laps of the hilly campus 5 in 1:31:24 (ended up actually being 14.56 miles at 6:16 pace w/ Garmin)
6:28, 6:21, 6:12, 6:24, 6:02, 6:23, 6:16, 6:22, 6:19, 6:05, 6:26, 6:01, 6:14, 6:22, 3:18 (.56)
~6:16 avg pace
1.5 mile c/d

Before anyone freaks out that the 5 mile loop is crazy short, I would like to confess that I cut the median 3 times before the turn in front of the coliseum. It cuts off a lot more than most people realize, and I did it today because the traffic was absolutely terrible. I didn't plan this run very well and spent about 10 miles of it battling morning traffic on campus.

Seeing as I was going to miss Boardtown Saturday morning to take a bus 40 miles outside of Starkville to glean a sweet potato field with nearly 50 MSU students (and Maddy), about the only time I could get this workout in (with someone to offer me moral support) was Friday morning. I had planned on arriving to work late and allow myself sufficient time for breakfast and warmup....but n…

Quick morning speed workout

20min w/u
15x 80sec @5:18 pace, 40 sec jog recovery (jump of treadmill and jog into the kitchen recovery)
20min c/dNot your typical marathon prep workout, but Monday's 12 miler ended up being a pretty solid pace and my quads are still screaming from the 2:30 long run this past weekend. I felt like I needed to do something shorter and faster.This workout was awesome. Not too easy and not too hard either. I suppose to have a very difficult session later this week so I didn't want to over do it today. Overall, good session.

Training week worthy of a blog

Sunday: 17 miles w/ 12 miles at alternating fast/slow miles (6:16 avg) (treadmill)
Monday: 13 miles solid pace on South Farm (team's long run)
Tuesday: 8 miles easy
Wednesday: 12 miles (treadmill)
Thursday: 3 mile w/u, 6X 1 mile on hilly road loop w/ garmin, 90 sec rest (5:45, 5:40, 5:42, 5:41, 5:47, 5:19). 3 mile c/d
Friday: 74 minutes easy
Saturday 2:30 long run at Boardtown (extremely humid, really struggled at the end)

~92 miles in 7 days in 7 runs

I cramped really bad on Saturday starting at about 13 miles. It started in my lower back and ran all the way to my toes. I didn't care to much about it, I had a great week and I finished the long run regardless.

I'm not hitting triple digits but I did hit another 90, which is big for me.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased.

Memphis Twilight & 12 miles at marathon pace

After Tuesday's failed workout I ended up getting a referral from my doctor to return to physical therapy and another dose pack. I logged an embarrassingly low mileage recover week and even got in for a one hours session with the team's massage therapist (Jack). Everything helped  and I was confident I could run the Memphis Twilight Meet on Saturday night. I had no idea what to expect....17:30...? 18:30?... I had every intention of racing yesterday.

By the time I had to start warming up it was already dark. I had Maddy with me, so I didn't get much chance to do any pre-race stuff until about 50 minutes before. Still, my legs felt good and my energy was high, I was really looking forward to getting out there with no expectations what-so-ever then just run hard.

The JV and high school races were before the college division so there was a couple thousand people lined all along the course. It was quite exciting, and very different then the low-key road races that I had been ru…