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Last weeks mileage: 11.5 (1.5 over goal)For the remaining days of this month I get to run what I feel like, when I feel like it. There will be no formal training until January. Looking forward to a week in the cold north and some quality time with family. Run happy!

Brooks I.D. 2013

Just want to give a shout out to my favorite running company and say THANK YOU for deciding to support me through 2013. Anyone looking for the perfect Christmas gift, the Brooks Pure Project came out with a couple new looks that will leave you drooling on your computer screen. Check them out on

Rocket City Marathon Race Recap

Before I write about Huntsville... I apologize that I still haven't blogged about Vancouver yet. For those of you that don't know, I was 21st there (Vancouver) in 25:02 (7K through the mud). I was happy with the race, so happy, that I got up the next morning and ran 2.5 hours around the bay. I felt amazing...for about 2 days afterwords before things started to unravel....

I took it easy after that long run, mostly just some easy runs in the AM. Then Thursday (9 days before Rocket City) I attempted my last real hard season. Originally I had planned on 4X2 mile, which ended up being about 4x10 minutes. My legs felt heavy and tired, normally I run this workout between 5:45-5:59, that day I ran 6:05-6:15 and STRUGGLED.

I shrugged it off to tired legs and lack of sleep. Saturday I ran 12 miles at a pretty good clip but my hamstrings were still tight. I figured things were coming back around and slept most of the day Sunday. Then Monday came. I woke up and just couldn't run. Per…