Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spiked up on the XC Course

AM: 20 mom
PM:20 min w/u,
2x400m @ 77, 84 (oops) 200m jog
1x1000m @ 3:19
2x400m @ 78, 77 w/ 200m jog
1x1000m @ 3:15
2x400m @ 77, 77 w/ 200 jog
1x1000m @ 3:15
1x400m @ 76
10 min c/d

I felt like this workout went on for ever, probably because there were so many quarters. The K's were no were near relaxed and 3:15 is a pace that is shockingly fast for my body right now. It was also pretty windy on half the loop, and Houston isn't exactly winning any awards for wind blocking.

Regardless I was satisfied with this session, so much that I called it a day before the last quarter. I felt like I was done at that point. Many thanks to my husband who paced me through it.


Johann said...

Wow! That is some workout! I am really impressed. I would be dead halfway through...

Erin said...

Ready to Fly!!!!