Friday, November 23, 2012

Cross-Country (Pre-Race)

I "raced" in spikes for the first time since college this past Saturday at a small cross-country race in Clinton, MS. With National Cross one week away, I ran the race as a tempo.

Still, I wasn't confident in my ability to hammer out 7k on a muddy XC course in Vancouver, Canada, so I opted for one more workout Tuesday, 4x 1 mile @ 5:36/33/33/24, it wasn't difficult but it made me feel better than running quarters.

I told myself that I would taper down a bit this week, but when I arrived in Vancouver Thursday afternoon, I realised that my "easy" week was still going to be in the neighbourhood of 80 miles. Surprisingly, my legs feel fresh and my pace has picked up. I'm not cramping near as much when I sit down for long periods of time (I've actually been taking a vitamin supplement for that). I've put on about 3-5 pounds since the summer, which is almost invisible to anyone but me...and because of this, I actually feel better. Before I felt like my tank was kinda empty, even though I was still hitting my miles and workout goals. Now, I am starting to feel like I've got a little bit left.

And just in-time, I guess. I crammed as much 5-10k training as I could in these last 3 weeks, and though I know it is not as much time as I needed, I feel like I can still hit my goal of a top 20 finish and enjoy myself throughly in the process. Then comes Rocket City!


Erin said...

great to hear! See you tomorrow!

mrn said...

good luck meg!