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Mom: 3, Marathon: 1

(Note: My husband is to thank for the creative title of this post.)

Columbus Marathon Results:
AM: 2 mile w/u,
6:25, 6:12, 6:20, 6:18, 6:13, 6:20, 6:35, 6:35 (threw up), 6:27, 6:46, 7:15 (threw up), DNF

I felt light headed Friday & Saturday but I blamed it on the taper. I got the sleep I needed, I ate well and drank well, I figured I was fully prepared. Sunday morning Houston dropped me off early so I could wait in the "elite holding area" until the race start. It was here that things started to go bad.

First, I couldn't find the place. I also had my water bottles with me and I had to get them to "special needs" before 6:45AM. It was 6:15, I had nearly thirty minutes, but the crazy person inside of me started to flip out. For some reason, I half convinced myself I was not going to be able to walk one block and climb one flight of stairs in 30 minutes. Once I arrived there (on time, and at least 20 minutes early) I just folded. I felt so out of place, honestly, I should have just bared the cold morning air with the other 18,000 folks instead of being up in that room with all those elites starring at one another.

The weather was perfect, maybe like 40 degrees, no wind. The course was amazing. I had a great start.

About mile 4 my back cramped up and I didn't handle it well. Normally I can just let it go, wait a few miles for it to loosen up. This time I was just too tired to wait it out. I had so much anxiety I made myself sick. I threw at mile 8, and again at mile 10.75 when I saw Houston and Maddy (and pulled off the course). It just wasn't happening today.

My lower back was so tight that it caused my legs to seize all the way down to my calves. My stomach was killing my, I was done. I had not even made it 11 miles and I knew I could not make it 15 more, no mater how slow the pace. It just wasn't going to happen.

And so I quit, hobbled my way back to the car. Houston then drove back to the finish line, where I again, threw up on my way to get my bag from the cool down area. I felt like (and still feel like) a train wreck. I have no idea why (yet).

The rest of the weekend we had fun, Houston was a champ, Maddy was AMAZING. I love my family for not caring if I finish or not, just wanting to be along for the ride. Being there when I run well, and even more when I don't. And this is one of the many reasons, that I am so very much over yesterday. I know what shape I am in, I know that something is "off" and I'm ok with it. I'm happy with the year I had, I know I can run faster, but its ok that I didn't. It's ok that things didn't work out.

In the end it is a lesson learned. If I am going to try and run 90 miles of week on 6 hours of sleep and the full life that I have, I'm going to fall apart sometimes...and that is ok. This is my life and wouldn't change any of it. Yesterday just wasn't my day...but that is totally fine. Tomorrow is another chance to try again. In the mean time, I've got work to finish up, dinner to make, laundry to fold, and a 2 year old to put to bed.

I truly hope everyone else had a better experience racing this weekend then I did. If not, I hope you learned something from it, too.


Vicky Cook said…
I'm sorry, this was hard to read. Just wasn't your day. 6 hours sleep? Can you find a way to up that? I can't even string a sentence together on that little sleep for one night I can't imagine night after night of it. Oh, having kids does get easier, they grow up, sleep through the night, get more independent. Things will get easier for you, being a mum 1st time round is TOUGH! You are an elite athlete and mum to a toddler, not a lot of people can say that!
3 to 1 is pretty good:) you are winning!
so smart to pull out. now you've got a decent mp run in, and you don't have to sit around to recover (aside from the stomach issues. and 90 miles and 6 hours of sleep will work for a few more years...unfortunately...once you hit your 30s, particularly mid 30s, you'll need to find a way to get more. by then, you'll be running sub 6s for the marathon:)
SupermomE12 said…
Hugs my friend! I know that on 90 miles a week and 6 hours of sleep things don't always turn out how we want. You are still so inspiring and amazing and I know you will have a great race soon!
Lize Brittin said…
I'm so sorry you had a rough day out there. I hope you can put it behind you and get some much needed rest. You are an incredible inspiration to so many of us!
Raina said…
Sorry about the DNF, and the puking, the stress and all that goes along with it. It is nice that your family can be there and support, but honestly...with three kids and a non-running husband, it is just easier for me to go race solo and come back home. I am in awe that you can do all this with your family--But I bet it is sweet to have them there when you cross the finish line.
Hope you recover from this quickly- body and heart.
you have a very mature and healthy attitude about this race. I'm so sorry it was such a crappy experience, though. You're one of my biggest inspirations and I can't wait to see mom: 4 marathon: 1. :)
Johann said…
Sorry about the DNF but I know this makes us stronger. You'll be back many times in the future. Rest well!
You were smart to pull out. Your workouts have been amazing, your paces have been jaw dropping. No point at all in finishing a race with a sub par performance when we all KNOW you have a huge PR (off an already amazing PR) coming your way. I'm so sorry things didn't go as planned. All the best to you in the future!
Katie said…
Post title was great (especially given the title of the blog). I agree with AM, you're still winning! You have a great attitude, and a bad race day is just that, one bad day. (Though it can be really disappointing.) I hope you're feeling better!
I just found your blog through Gracie @ complicatedday.blogspot,com, and I'm so excited I did!!! I am looking forward to following along and getting some tips and training ideas from your posts!
Sunny 2 Runner said…
My heart is with on this day as I know this struggle. Much love to a strong women that inspires me!! Sometimes it is the struggle that ultimately brings us to our victory.

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