Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday workout fail

AM: 2 mile w/u, progressive tempo
5 min at each pace  6:30,6:27,6:22,6:18,6:15,6:11,6:07,6:03 ( quit, felt tired...couldn't get into it)
2*3min @5:39, 3 min c/d
(10 miles total)
Nothing exciting to report here. That last 20 mile run w/ the half marathon in the middle really knocked me on my butt. My body just hasn't recovered for some reason. Too many long runs.


PiccolaPineCone said...

hey there! happy birthday! we share our birthdate (well probably not the year, i think i am older) but i am oct 3 also... and i had a birthday work-out fail too! (5 X 1600 average 6:24 was supposed to be 6:10). oh well... hope you otherwise had a good day.

Anisha J Sharma said...

hey first up belated happy birthday to u!!!! dont worry work-out fails are a part n parcel of our lives.... happens alot to me too!!