Sunday, September 2, 2012

Memphis Twilight & 12 miles at marathon pace

After Tuesday's failed workout I ended up getting a referral from my doctor to return to physical therapy and another dose pack. I logged an embarrassingly low mileage recover week and even got in for a one hours session with the team's massage therapist (Jack). Everything helped  and I was confident I could run the Memphis Twilight Meet on Saturday night. I had no idea what to expect....17:30...? 18:30?... I had every intention of racing yesterday.

By the time I had to start warming up it was already dark. I had Maddy with me, so I didn't get much chance to do any pre-race stuff until about 50 minutes before. Still, my legs felt good and my energy was high, I was really looking forward to getting out there with no expectations what-so-ever then just run hard.

The JV and high school races were before the college division so there was a couple thousand people lined all along the course. It was quite exciting, and very different then the low-key road races that I had been running recently (minus the whole Chicago fiasco). About 15 minutes before our 8:40PM start, I was already spiked up and running strides when I noticed that no other teams were present. After asking someone that looked like they knew what was going on, I was told that my race was delayed at least 50 minutes because of lightning. Damn.

I jogged lightly back to were Maddy was. I explained to friends that my race would not go off for another hour, and that they should probably get going. Houston had ran to get something from his truck (he had just drove from Georgia, to Starkville, and then to Memphis to watch my race - what a freakin amazing husband) so I grabbed Maddy and the jogger and started walking back to the car. It wasn't 30 seconds later and the bottom fell out of the sky catching Maddy and I along with it.

I was fine with the torrential downpour being that I had been running, but Maddy was not happy. I tried to keep the top of the jogger from blowing up and allowing the rain to soak her hair and clothes, but it was hard...the wind was blowing so bad.
After a few minutes were were completely drenched. I finally managed to make it to the car, putting a screaming Maddy nicely into her car seat, throwing the rest of our crap into the back seat, and turning on the ignition to get Maddy's DVD to start playing again. It wasn't 2 minutes after I buckled her in and wrapped her in a blanket that she was fast asleep.
The next 30 minutes or so Houston and I played phone tag, he didn't know where I was and I had no idea where he had been able to take shelter. The rain never broke so he eventually just found his way to my side of the course, and we were able to discuss our next step...which was to go home.

I was disappointed at first...then I was relieved. The course was under 6 inches of water now, and it would be crazy to try and race given the situation with my hip. Nonetheless, me needed to get our 2 year old home in her was 10PM and we still had three hours of driving ahead of us.

The ride home was very unpleasant. The rain didn't let up until Tupelo, and we heard multiple radio announcements for Tornado warning in counties that we had just recently been driving through. This just further justified that we made the right decision.

We slept late Sunday morning, and I woke up I realized we didn't have much food. Like an idiot, I ate only Gus, coffee, and sports drink before jumping on the treadmill for a quick 17 mile run. As a result, I only felt awesome for the first 30 min or so at 7min pace. I had planned on running 12 miles at up/down tempo. I would start out at 6:11 pace and working under 6:00 on the hard miles, and recover with a 6:31 miles

4.2 mile w/u, 1.2 mile c/d
6:31, 6:11, 6:31, 6:07, 6:31, 6:03, 6:31, 6:00, 6:31, 5:56, 6:31, 5:51 (6:16 avg for 12 miles)

for the first 4 miles I tried to keep the incline at .5, but when I started to tire I left it at 0. This workout was harder than I thought it would be. I feel like it would have been much easier just to run 12 miles @ 6:16 pace then to vary the pace so much. Overall, I was pleased with the workout, the effort, and even though my hip did lock up some on the harder miles, I was able to finish feeling tired but good about the whole thing.

Houston and I grabbed a hamburger before heading out to run some pre Labor Day errands. It was enough to make me feel normal again. Even though the hip is a problem, it seems like I will be able to manage just fine putting together workouts like the one above. Hope everyone had a great week.



L.A. Runner said...

Yay! I'm glad you are back into the groove of things. And no race is worth risky it in bad weather. You definitely made the right choice! RUn Happy!

jayloh said...

I hope this means your therapy is helping.
That race fiasco sounds like it was a nightmare! Glad you all made it home okay. Probably a sign that it wasn't your night to race, anyway. ;)

smalltownraces said...

What a mess with the delays and the weather! It sounds like you are very patient as a mom. Bringing kids to races doesn't always work out so well for me. Your hubby and friends are a great support network, though.

I like seeing how you run your up/down tempo. Looks like the coffee/gels kicked in at the end there :)