Friday, September 14, 2012

Marathon Simulator Run

1.5 mile w/u
3 laps of the hilly campus 5 in 1:31:24 (ended up actually being 14.56 miles at 6:16 pace w/ Garmin)
6:28, 6:21, 6:12, 6:24, 6:02, 6:23, 6:16, 6:22, 6:19, 6:05, 6:26, 6:01, 6:14, 6:22, 3:18 (.56)
~6:16 avg pace
1.5 mile c/d

Before anyone freaks out that the 5 mile loop is crazy short, I would like to confess that I cut the median 3 times before the turn in front of the coliseum. It cuts off a lot more than most people realize, and I did it today because the traffic was absolutely terrible. I didn't plan this run very well and spent about 10 miles of it battling morning traffic on campus.

Seeing as I was going to miss Boardtown Saturday morning to take a bus 40 miles outside of Starkville to glean a sweet potato field with nearly 50 MSU students (and Maddy), about the only time I could get this workout in (with someone to offer me moral support) was Friday morning. I had planned on arriving to work late and allow myself sufficient time for breakfast and warmup....but none of that happened.

I woke up late, wasted lots of time getting ready and ended up barely warming up before I toed the line in front of the Shira. I figured I would use the first few miles to warm up anyway.

Being that I was running this workout solo, almost immediately I was bored. I had planned on being conservative early but 6:28 was really slow. I felt like it was uncomfortable slow, it wasn't fast enough to be tempo and it was just slow enough to make me get too comfortable for a few miles. I really had a hard time staying consistent with the pacing (maybe it was because of the hills?), and every time I hit a nice flat/downhill section I easily ran 6:00 miles.

I guess the best way to say it is that this workout felt "blah". I don't feel like I really busted my butt, if anything I feel like my goals are mediocre compared to what I should and can be running. I know I am still battling the S.I. issues, and I am going to P.T. for that, but I just don't feel like I put the effort into this marathon simulator like I have done in the past. Part of it may be because I was running this alone. I remember one point at about mile 10-11 when Houston handed me the bottle and I said. "I'm not tired, this is not hard. I'ts just very boring." I feel like I was just waiting to run hard and I never really got after it. I guess in the end this is probably best. I'm about to hit another 90+ mile week.

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