Friday, August 10, 2012

Workout Success

I received some of the best advice ever on my recent post, and I am so thankful of my blogger friends and their efforts to support each other. With some reduced running and better eatting, things are already improving. Thanks to your suggestions!!!Really appreciate the advice.

Wednesday morning: AM: 22 min w/u w/ 1X(60/45/30/15) hard running
38 min at tempo
20 min c/d

The strap on my Garmin had broke a few days before this session, and being the state of my legs, I decided to run this session on effort only...using my $9.00 walmart watch.
It turned about to be the right move. I was in Atlanta running on very busy streets, so I choice a route that would take me out and back 4 times on Emory campus (I later found a trail system a few minutes from my hotel...great). I wanted a very hilly route...and this loop was more than I needed. Running by feel only I tried to maintain a hard but controlled effort. I know I was working hard because the last 6 minutes were very challenging. They were also uphill!

Overall I considered the workout a success. I don't know what pace I ran, but I know it would have fluctuated so much over the hills, it would have been really distracting.

I think things are starting to turn around! Looking forward to finishing off the week with a great long run.


Lize Brittin said...

Yahoo! This is great news. I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. :)

jayloh said...

I kept checking back to see if you posted an update...
I'm so glad you're noticing an improvement!
It's definitely a juggling act to balance mom/career/wife/running...etc. Taking care of *your* body will often be last on the list. Sometimes, though, even something as simple as adding a filling, healthy breakfast to your day can start you on the right track. Whole grain toast w/nut butter, honey, banana slices & chia seeds is one of my go-to favorites.

Good luck and happy your week improved!!