Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long run on Oktoc

AM: 20+ miles at a very solid pace.

I was almost out the door this morning before I realized my Garmin was completely dead. Apparently we had lost power during the night and it had turned on while sitting on the charger. I was furious. I cannot stand when this happens and it happens very often!.

So I was prepared to run without any sense of pace, which shouldn't be a big deal if I was not such a slave to the GPS. In the end, I figured I covered over 20 miles in 2:15 because of the add-ons before/after during. I ran most of it pretty hard. I know the effort was there.

On the first leg I took off with Joe and Joseph only to find out that there were just running "10". By the first water we were really spread out, so I took advantage of not being the first one arriving (which means I didn't have to pour) I turned around and headed back towards the rest of the group to add another  2.5 minutes on to the total. After gu and sports drinks we were gone again.

It had rained hard the night before so it was cooler than normal but humid as ever. On the next leg I was hurting, Oktoc always makes my hip tight and I found my leg locking up more and more as the pace continued to get faster. By the time we got to the next water stop my hamstrings were completely cramped up and I had been dropped by Micah and David. I was stretching at the side of the road while they began searching for the water...finally making the observation that it had been stolen. Obviously someone needed the water and sports drink more than we did.

We laughed it off, downed a few gus and headed on our way. This time it was me that took off, only because this was my least favorite stretch of road, my hip had loosened up, and I was thirsty. Within minutes I was joined by Kevin and we continued on at a pretty quick pace before arriving at the Vet school for the second to last water. We were all quite relieved to discover than no one had stolen this one..

The rest of the run was uneventful, Micah took off and left us all shuffling along behind him. The last few miles was not as difficult as I thought they were going to be given how my legs felt after the first 12. Once this run was finally over, however, I was completely spent. I knew I had worked hard.

The next few weeks will be relatively higher mileage than I am used too, but I am looking forward to them. My body has finally come back around and I seem to be feeling a lot better during the day. Outlook is still positive at this point.

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L.A. Runner said...

Excellent job! Which marathon are you training for?