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Workout fail and S.I. problems

Because of the potential stormy weather coming in from the south because of Isaac, I ran this mornings workout with the team. Sunday and Monday I just ran easy and I figured I was on a short road of recovery.

Tuesday morning I had an expectation that I would wake up with some extra pop in my legs.

I didn't.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 2:30am to an almost two year old screaming at the top of her lungs for her "V-I-D-E-O". Unfortunately for her, she did not get it...and unfortunately for Houston and I, we didn't get what we wanted either.. which was sleep.

Warming up this morning my legs felt strange. I quickly discovered why when we jumped into the middle portion of the workout (3 miles at goal HM pace for me) and my hip locked up. Damn.

Today made it clear that the less than stellar workouts and the leg cramping is officially S.I problems on the rebound. Starting immediately I will be back in physical therapy trying to get everything back in place. I know this is s…

Marathon paced tempo

AM: 3 mile w/u, 7.5-8 miles @ marathon pace, 3 mile c/d
6:24, 6:16, 6:13, 6:08, 6:19, 6:13, 6:23, 6:20 (.75)

This workout was a bit of a fail. I have just put in 4 solid weeks of training and higher than normal miles and my legs are pretty fried. This morning I had planned on running the Poor House loop (8.8 miles) at sub 6:20 pace, but when I finished my warm-up my legs felt tight and shaky. I told Houston that I didn't think it would be a good day for the session we had originally planned so I just decided to warm-up into it and see how things unfolded.
The positive thing I took from this workout is that the pace was not hard. My breathing was controlled and I was not working too hard to maintain pace all on my own. The negative thing...I cramped badly. Houston was nice enough to throw me a drink, a gel and some salt from the car but nothing I took made my legs feel any different.

Once I finally turned back on South Montgomery with less than 1.5 miles left, my legs just died. I …

4X2mile workout

4:45 AM: 1.2 mile w/u,  4X2 mile on rolling road loop, 2 mile c/d
6:02, 5:55
5:47, 5:58(hill)*
5:46, 5:50
5:56, 5:48(hill)*

I didn't get much sleep the night before this session which was 100% my fault. To top things off we (Micah & Kevin) barely warmed up for this session, claiming that we would just "roll into it". I was pleased with this session, I ran this workout on this same loop a year ago feeling like a million bucks and today was still better. I did, however, stop short on 2 and 4 because I was unsure of the markers, so those times are adjusted based on garmin. I may have took more recovery than I needed ( 3min versus 2 min twice) but all in all it was good. After 4 I felt like I could handle another at that pace or faster. It was a good day. All the little things are starting to work themselves out.

Long run on Oktoc

AM: 20+ miles at a very solid pace.

I was almost out the door this morning before I realized my Garmin was completely dead. Apparently we had lost power during the night and it had turned on while sitting on the charger. I was furious. I cannot stand when this happens and it happens very often!.

So I was prepared to run without any sense of pace, which shouldn't be a big deal if I was not such a slave to the GPS. In the end, I figured I covered over 20 miles in 2:15 because of the add-ons before/after during. I ran most of it pretty hard. I know the effort was there.

On the first leg I took off with Joe and Joseph only to find out that there were just running "10". By the first water we were really spread out, so I took advantage of not being the first one arriving (which means I didn't have to pour) I turned around and headed back towards the rest of the group to add another  2.5 minutes on to the total. After gu and sports drinks we were gone again.

It had rained h…

Another good session

AM: 21min w/u, 34 min c/d
4x1 mile on Mugshots loop with 3 min rest
5:31, 5:10 (short), 5:23(up hill/short), 5:25OK so I know Mugshots is short, but its also a road loop on rolling hills. I had no idea I was running as fast as I was. I am so pleased with this session and how my training partners pushed me towards the end of every interval. This was NOT the pace I was suppose to run. I just thought it was going to take more effort to run the pace I wanted, and that did not end up being the case.Originally, I had planned on running 5 intervals. But after I looked at my watch finishing of the hill on #4, I called it a day. The work was done.

Long run at Boardtown

AM: 17.64 miles @ boardtown (about 14miles @ 6:30avg)
(I am posting these splits mostly to boost confidence in myself right now, please just bear with me) 7:14, 6:29, 6:25, 6:32, 6:30, 6:43, 6:32, 6:26, 6:39, 6:22, 6:10, 6:19, 6:37, 6:43, (:54 for. 14) + 3.5 miles of the Rick Loop easy @ 7:35 pace

I haven't been out at Boardtown for 4 weeks and my long runs have not been near the quality as they typically are running with the group on Saturdays. Being that the loop was only 10 miles, I ran the first four miles straight from my house and then joined the group just after 6:30am.

After about 7 miles I wad a little worried about how things would go. I'm not gunna lie, I felt out of shape for a large portion of it. Thank goodness for Micah, he practically dragged me along today. At one point before the second water he dropped a 5:45 mile...only to leave me coughing and gasping behind him in about 6:10. Still, I was pleased. Two more weeks and I will be right back where I left off.

Workout Success

I received some of the best advice ever on my recent post, and I am so thankful of my blogger friends and their efforts to support each other. With some reduced running and better eatting, things are already improving. Thanks to your suggestions!!!Really appreciate the advice.

Wednesday morning: AM: 22 min w/u w/ 1X(60/45/30/15) hard running
38 min at tempo
20 min c/d

The strap on my Garmin had broke a few days before this session, and being the state of my legs, I decided to run this session on effort only...using my $9.00 walmart watch.
It turned about to be the right move. I was in Atlanta running on very busy streets, so I choice a route that would take me out and back 4 times on Emory campus (I later found a trail system a few minutes from my hotel...great). I wanted a very hilly route...and this loop was more than I needed. Running by feel only I tried to maintain a hard but controlled effort. I know I was working hard because the last 6 minutes were very challenging. They were …

It's all gone south.

So running has went pretty south since Canada, and I do not mean just literally. Once I returned to Mississippi I was determined to get back on track. Therefore, I sandwiched my first true week of marathon training between two (2) 16 mile treadmill runs. Things did not go well towards the end.

Sunday's run ended up with my legs screaming for me to stop from 12 miles on....I struggled for a little while then  finally slowed down just so I would get the miles in. Sadly, my last two were slower than 8 minute pace. Once I finally forced myself to quit, I just stood there with shaking my head, one hand on the rail trying to keep myself from toppling over.


It was like this unsolvable puzzle that had created 24/7 worry and anxiety. YES I have a marathon in about 10 weeks time and my legs are SHOT. I have a tempo tomorrow and I don't even know if I can run 1 mile at 6min pace, let alone 8 of them.

My heavy achy legs have been bothering me for weeks! Maybe mont…