Saturday, July 28, 2012

Up North

My legs have been cooperating  (some what) since Monday. Unfortunately, now I am trying to continue training while running at altitudes I am not accustomed to. I have spent most days feeling pretty dehydrated and have finished most of my runs completely destroyed.
Everyone adjusts to changes in altitude differently, and I do not handle it well. Most of the time running my legs feel heavy and sluggish. I shuffle through most runs...amazed if I find myself hovering around 7:00min per miles. Most days I have just forgot the garmin and just run for time.
As for workout paces, they have needed to be adjusted. Houston and I discussed that the conversion was probably 10 seconds per mile, which is fine...on the flats. Most hills I feel myself gasping for air and barely being able to come within 30 seconds of goal pace. For those of you that follow training, my not-so-exciting log is below.

Monday: short jog, travel all day
Tuesday: 75 minutes in Edmonton (starting to get my legs back)
Wednesday: 62 minutes, hilly (Athabasca, dehydrated, tired)
Thursday: 84 minutes w/ 20 min @ progressive tempo 5:50-6:20 pace (chest cramp, had to stop to stretch it out for a few seconds) + 8X30 seconds hard (Athabasca)
Friday: 90 minutes w/ 4 X5min @ marathon pace w/ 90 sec jogs (6:15ish) after an hour (Edmonton)


Lize Brittin said...

Altitude can be a tricky adjustment for some. I'm sure you have already heard it, but be sure to keep on drinking plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest and make sure you are getting enough iron and carbs. All this will help when dealing with altitude.

Rosalie Davis said...

Good for you for getting runs in while visiting family. We just got back from BC and SK, visiting always sounds like more fun.