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Lesson learned!

I would like to say that this week was the best week ever, but then I would be lying.  The awesome week I had last week was about opposite to what I had this time around. Sure I still got in some decent miles, and Saturday’s workout was acceptable, but I suffered a bad bout of dehydration and spent the whole week recovering from it. Live and learn I guess.

If anyone is wondering what the heck happened to the time trial, we rescheduled until late/early fall because of the heat. Last week we were experiencing record highs across the state and temperatures were hitting over 100 during the day and staying above 90 until late into the night. It would have been a death march. Therefore I preceded to get in some major miles…in the heat. And, like I said, probably had one of my best weeks ever.

After last Saturday’s 20 miler I started to feel like I could accomplish anything, and so I continued to run many miles and not doing the things I needed afterwards.  Honestly, when it comes to the nutrition/recovery after long runs and hard training sessions, I sometimes get lazy. I want to train like crazy and then drink coffee and eat a candy bar. I need to do better about these things. And so, I signed up to run the Watermelon Classic in Jackson, MS on July 4th on pace for another 90 mile week.

Because the drive to Jackson was a little over 2 hours, we were up around 3:00am Wednesday morning. We took Maddy because we heard there was lots of watermelon ( her favorite food ever) and a tot trot for children under 3 years old. She slept most of the way there.
 After the warm-up that morning, I knew something was wrong. My legs were heavy, my hands were shaky and I had a headache that I couldn’t shake. Standing on the start line I started to feel cold and light headed. I still thought that things would go away once the race started but I should have known better.

But things got worse after the gun went off. By the first mile I was already slow. My breathing was labored, my legs were wobbly and I felt pretty useless. And so I made the decision to throw in the towel early (and just run, not quit) knowing that I was doing more harm than good. Being that the second place female was already pretty far behind, my goal was just to win the race. I think this was best (I did end up winning, but it wasn’t pretty). When I was done I had a hard time walking, I quickly grabbed two Gatorades and drank them both before trying to cool down. I struggled there, too.
When we finally got home, I slept for two hours… but the headache and lightheadedness just stayed with me.
Then I spent the next few days trying to recover. My legs cramped badly all week so  I over consumed water, SaltStick and Gatorade, and salty foods. By Saturday morning I felt half way decent.

Being that we (Houston and I) typically run at Boardtown Saturday, I drove out there and ran a random loop with a hill in it. I didn’t expect Saturday to go amazing because I was alone for this session and it was a million degrees + humid as crap.
It went better than I expected but it wasn’t perfect. The 1st and 3rd interval took you up a nice size hill so they were typically slower towards the end. The second and last interval should have done the opposite. Things were going pretty well until the last 800m of number three. I got a stitch in my chest and started to cramp up again. I told myself that I would run as long as I could on the fourth one. I made it about a mile until the same symptoms returned.  I stopped before I really did some damage.

So “jogging” a road race and not finishing a hard session was not how I would have liked to finish this week, but it is what it is. I am not a machine, I am human…and every once and a while we are going to have rough patches. In the end, I really should have seen this week coming. (Just for the record, the few minutes it took me to type this, my legs are cramping up like crazy! Still have some ways to go!)

This week’s log:
Monday: 13 miles w/ 5X45 seconds at 5:20-5:10 pace during the last mile
Tuesday: 9.5 miles w/ 4X30 sec @ 5:13pace
Wednesday: 3 mile w/u, Watermelon Classic 5km road race, 1st (suffered dehydration before/during/after, not recovered) 4.5 mile c/d with the jogger
PM: 4 miles
Thursday: 8 miles w/ Kelly…felt terrible but got it in
Friday: AM: 20 minutes (Maddy was awake from 1:00am-5:00am so I slept in)
PM: 8.5 miles at good pace (felling bit better)
Saturday: AM: 3.5 miles, 4X 10min @ HM pace (2-3 rest) started to feel the dehydration/lightheaded on the last interval so I stopped at a mile, 4 miles (hot, humid). Not my best but still positive.
1st 10 min - 6:02, 5:58 (pace)
2nd 10 min - 5:51, 5:56 (pace)
3rd 10 min - 5:51, 5:59 (pace)
4th 10 min - 5:54 (stopped at the mile) ~14.5miles
Sunday: AM: 30 min PM: 45 min

Miles for the week: 81


Sunny 2 Runner said…
Have you ever tried Zico water to help rehydrate? It has potassium and magnesium in it which not only helps to rehydrate but keeps muscle cramping at bay.

This heat is so so so tough. I have always been amazed at how well you have handled the training thus far this summer. Where I have been whining about it for the past 2 months. Hopefully we can say good-bye to these record breaking temps with this next week.

You always have a great bounce-back attitude that is so refreshing. I have a feeling next is going to be awesome for you.
L.A. Runner said…
Those heat episodes are so scary! I'm really glad you are feeling better. I'm with you, I never want to do the right things post-workouts. Bring on the large latte! I live on the Gulf Coast, and I'm sure our weather is similar. I feel like I'm always depleted on fluids- never can "catch up."

Hope the rest of your summer training goes well! Keep up the good work.
Gracie said…
You define "burning the candle at both ends" yet make it look good! Your paces despite the heat are frankly incredible. Can't wait to see your races this fall.
Lize Brittin said…
Oh man, I hope you are fully recovered soon. I have had a few of those heat scares, and they are never fun. Congrats on the win. I'm hoping you get some cooler temperatures soon!
Haley said…
Geez you are such an inspiration.

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