Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I ran today...and why you should too.

It’s summer time in Mississippi, meaning that temps during the day creep up past 90 degrees, often reaching 100 or above. Humidity is high also, some runs I even get a stitch in my chest because the moisture in the air is so thick, and I am practically gasping just to get a breath of normal air at our steady 6:50-7:15 min pace.

It’s also the time of year in college where miles and hard efforts were most important. I remember opening that long white package from the mail; finally with my trusty summer schedule in hand, crossing out 10s and penciling in 12s, trying to see how I could make sure I was working harder than everyone else.

I wasn’t immune to the fun, games and late nights that summer often brought. Going home to Canada for 2 months meant that the sun shines well after 10PM, which made it hard to go to bed anytime before midnight. Still, even up North, miles logged in the afternoon were not near the quality of miles logged in the AM. So I often slept 6 hours, ran, and napped before going out in the evening to run again.
Things changed once I got a job during the summer and decided work, summer school, and summer training was the best combination for me. Free time always brought the want to do more “fun things” and the less free time I had, the more I got done and the more I accomplished.

I am not saying that fun is something that we should avoid, but now that I have a child to take care of and a job to keep, things like “going out and having a good time” are really not a priority… they get in the way of the priorities. I would much rather stumble out of bed because I ran 26 miles as hard as I could the day before then stumble out of bed because I went out and had 3 hours of “fun”…but then who wouldn't?

I hope the few people that read this blog know that this is not just about running. I always think about the times in my life that running was going well and noticed how my life was also going well, too. I also think about the times that running was not going well, and how my life was not going well either. Having bad patches in life, running was usually bad or non-existent. At one point when I was pregnant and could barely run at all, I was forced to resign from a job and was (for a very short time) unemployed. Everything I applied for I was overqualified for, I even found myself standing in front of an employment kiosk at JC Penny I was so desperate to work. The ironic thing is that it was a relationship through running that got me in my very next career path, and the job that I still have today. Every turn in the road, it’s always in some way the running that ends up taking me there.

So before I post more about my “running” and “training” know that when I meet a major running goal, or accomplish a workout that I have never done before, that I am then turning around and tackling my day with new courage and strength. That logging miles for me is not about burning calories, or writing a number in blog post. That number signifies hard work, dedication, and the sacrifice of other stuff that stands in the way of our dreams and goals, some running related some not.

Get your runs in because they will give you the courage and strength to be great in other areas of your life. And because…I like reading about them, too.

Happy running, all.


Renee said...


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

So true! V well put. Running definitely grounds me and allows me to be better in other parts of my life.

Raina said...

It's interesting that when your running is going well, so is life in general. That is usually true here too.
Being a mom sure helps put things into priority. Makes that low-end retail job look a lot better.

mfranks said...

Yes, great thing is I didn't end up having to work at Penny's after all....but I was fully prepared to do it... 7 months pregnant and all.

A-Pi (Peter) said...

Exactly what I needed to read.

One of the many reasons I keep running is because of the spillover effects into other parts of my life.
Also, for me running is the very definition of `fun` :)

L.A. Runner said...

Love this post! You are so right. Running helps me become a better person- more prepared for life's challenges. Keep up the good workouts! :)

Murph. said...

I agree.