Thursday, June 7, 2012

Puke worthy interval session

This new phase of training I have been up-ing my miles AND adding an additional hard session a week, not an optimal combination but SO good.

Tuesday I had planned on running 40 minutes at tempo and was pretty confident going in. Unfortunately, I was a little TOO confident, because the "warm-up" mile at 6:00 pace ended up being all I could handle for the first 20 minutes. I was really hurting.
After the halfway point, I took a 3min break, got myself together, and finished the last 20 min at 5:54 pace. Not what I would have wanted, but a good session in the end because I made the best of what I had.

I was worried that my legs may not recover for Thursday's session...however I woke up at 4:20am feeling pretty darn good about myself. I didn't have anything set in stone, Houston had offered a number of suggestions so I just kind of made the workout up as I went along.

90sec @ 5:21 pace (30 rest)
2min @ 5:21 pace, (1 rest)
8 min @ 5:21 pace, (3 rest)
4 min @ 5:21 pace (2 rest)
4 min @ 5:21 pace (2 rest)
6 min @ 5:21 pace

The 8 min interval just happened. I got to 2 min, felt good...4 min, felt good...hey, I wonder if I can go 4 more min?

I still have work to do but things are starting to come together! Now, I just need to find a 5k on the track within driving distance.....


Gracie said...

8 min at 5:21! Good stuff!

Lize Brittin said...

Whewww. That is very impressive. Nice job!