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Another log..and a blog!

I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging and only "logging" but I just can't seem to spit out a blog lately. There is to much stuff going on. My sister just had her second child, so we will be making a trip to the North country within the next month or so. Conveniently, my passport just expired and I can't seem to find a place closer than a 4 hour drive that would take a passport photo good enough to be accepted by Canada passport services. I am going to have to take a day off work just to drive to a studio outside of Memphis that claims they are the only company in the south that will take a Canadian passport photo.

This is Wonderful. ...

We are busy at work, lots of exciting new projects but also a lot of work to do for everyone. Still, wouldn't have it any other way. I thrive in work where I am constantly challenged, so I am grateful.

With work, family, and an almost 2 year old (that seems to be running the show right now), these things are just more important than updating this blog, sorry!

Monday: 12.5 miles (92 minutes) with David, Phillip, Micah
Tuesday: 5 miles (so exhausted, I opted out of the evening 4-5 miles with the baby jogger)
Wednesday: 3 mile w/u 6X1 mile @ 5:30, 5:30, 5:27, 5:27, 5:25, 5:18 w/ 2 min recovery (ok, I took 2:30 once or twice) 2 mile c/d (this was treadmill at 0 incline for those that are wondering, I don't know how accurate the treadmill is but it feels hard as #$%^)
PM: 4 miles with the baby jogger
Thursday: AM: 30 minutes PM: 8.5 miles @ 6:58
Friday: 80 minutes on south farm loop (didn't get chased by cows, seem to be getting over my fear of them)
Saturday: 2 mile w/u, 4X10 minutes with Houston on rolling down-town loop, 7.5 mile c/d
Garmin results:
1st segment: 6:08, 5:56 for 6:03 avg (2 rest)
2nd segment: 5:56, 5:47 pace for 5:51 avg (2:30 rest)
3rd segment: 5:54, 5:45 pace for 5:49 avg (3:30 rest)
4th segment: 5:44, 5:36 pace for 5:39 avg
Sunday: 10 miles planned

~Miles for the week: 83

Don't think I am complaining, but I've had a bit of bad luck lately in terms of sickness - strep and then a bad case of poison ivy. I took some antibiotics up until Tuesday, but they made me feel incapable of moving so I quit (hense the 5 mile day...). The poison Ivy had some other not so nice side effects so I am taking a steroid dose pack that has made my legs feel sluggish and heavy. In the end, I still had a pretty impressive week, 7 miles less than I was hoping but there is always another week to test the legs at 90 miles.

Race plans? Yes, I have them. Obviously there is the big marathon in the fall, I am hoping on Toronto, I sent in an elite application a while back and I hope to hear something soon. If that doesn't workout, I've got to declare for Chicago by September 1st. And seeing that Toronto/Chicago are only one week apart, its not going to make a bit of difference which one I end up running.

My next big run in Chicago Rock n Roll half marathon. Weather permitting, I hope to ROCK a huge PR in the half-marathon. Right now in Mississippi, its about 95% humidity and 90 degrees during the day. I don't think heat will be much of a factor for me, but we will see.

On another note, shout out to Meagan Nedlo and her friend Caitlin for running US Half-Marathon Champs today, Jesse Armijo running Grandma's full, my fast friend Kelly for also running the full, and (also fast) Micah and Marcie for running the half. For those of you that don't read Jesse, Meagan, or Caitlin's blogs, you should. Serious source of inspiration for me, you're missing out if you are not a reader.

Good luck everyone in there weekend of racing/training! Hope there were many PRs and miles run.


You are not complaining, you have been sick a lot. You are doing a ton with work, and a 2 year old, and house stuff. Also, you have been training so hard for so long. Very impressive!
Rosalie Davis said…
Did you do the passport photo yet? I had mine done at Walmart and it worked. Think I told them it was for Canada so they pulled up Canada's specs. My husband knows internationals from work and they recommended a place in Charlotte where they do internationals all the time. Guess if you don't find a closer place, it will add to your stories of 'because I am Canadian.....'.
mrn said…
just saw this--thanks for the shout-out! although clearly neither my blog nor my racing has been much source of inspiration as of late. the latter probably won't change any time soon but i'll try to get the former back on track now that i'm actually home for a while!
mrn said…
just saw this--thanks for the shout-out! although clearly neither my blog nor my racing has been much source of inspiration as of late. the latter probably won't change any time soon but i'll try to get the former back on track now that i'm actually home for a while!

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