Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5km pace work with some tempo

AM: 3 mile w/u @ 7:08
7X 75-90 seconds @ 5:13 pace, 45 sec recovery.
2-3 min jog
30 minutes @ 5:52 pace
2-3 min jog
3X 90 seconds @ 5:15 pace w/ 40 sec recovery
2 mile c/d

-12 miles total

Maddy woke up at around 2:00AM this morning thinking it was the perfect time to watch Backyardagains (if you are not familiar with the show, you are not missing much). Unfortunately for Houston, I was about to kick him to the  guest bedroom anyway because of my morning treadmill session. Maddy finally went back to bed around 4:45AM, about the time I turned on the trusty old Nordic Track to start my warm-up.

My hip has been fusing with me lately, and I am not sure if it is SI or the bad case of poison ivy. I am taking a steroid dose pack that has me shaky, thirst and nervous most of the day. I am about half way through (the dose pack) and I am still waking up in the middle of the night itchy. My lymph nodes are also inflamed, and it causes a little pain when my 20 month old decides that it would be fun to jump on top of Mom while she watches her nightly episode of LOST (season 3 is really slow, looking forward to season 4, yes I know that LOST ended years ago, I'm behind).

All in all, this workout went well. My body has finally caught up with the intensity at which I want to run my workouts, so I am starting to recover much fast from a hard session. Before this summer, I typically could only handle one medium long run, one interval session, and a hard long run a week. Things are changing now, I can handle much more work on a two week cycle.

Finishing this workout, I was so pleased, I did't even stop to wiep the sweat from my arm before I handed Houston my notebook. I am really starting to get (and feel) fit, hopefully these workouts can translate to some fast road running, Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon and then again at Toronto (or Chicago if I don't make the cut).

Unrelated, but for sure the high point of my Day: Giving Maddy a kiss goodbye before I walked out the door this morning, she mumbled to me, "Bye-bye Momma." Made my day, melted my heart.
I love being a Mom more than anything in this world.

Happy running guys.


Jen@runfortheboys said...

Awesome workout!!! Very very fast :) Great job!

Johann said...

Awesome workout and doing it on a treadmill makes it even more awesome.

A-Pi (Peter) said...

Hope I can borrow some of that speed for my next 5k!

Rosalie Davis said...

I was never a Lost person but will always remember having to watch an episode when my brother visited, We had to be super quiet at the end so he would hear everything.