Saturday, June 30, 2012

20 mile treadmill run.

AM: 20 miles progressive treadmill run in 2:09:40
5 miles @ 6:53-6:40
5 miles @ 6:31
3 miles @ 6:15
6 miles @ 6:11
1 mile  @ 6:07

This run didn't go as perfectly as I would have liked. I felt great the entire time, but I didn't get up early enough to get it in. By the time I reached mile 7, Maddy was already awake and demanding a "nak" (snack). I had anticipated this before I started and had already prepared two eggo waffles and had set the monitor up in the den so I could watch Maddy while she ate. It wasn't but a few minutes later we were screaming at the top of our lungs for "Addie" (aka Backyardagains). Unfortunately, each of those episodes was only 24 minutes and 17 seconds with credits...and Maddy already knows that the credits means that Addie is about to end.
So about every twenty minutes of this sweaty 20 mile run I was presented with the remote control and a very angry 21 month old. Regardless, this run went, I finished it and I felt pretty good doing it.

If your asking yourself why I would do something crazy like log over 2 hours on a treadmill with nothing but a dozen or so overplayed songs on an mp3 player, I would tell you that I didn't really have much of a choice. Our regular sitter is out of town for the weekend and we are experiencing record high temps across the state. The sun was already blaring hot when my husband jogged away at 6:00am, I figured the true Mississippian would handle the heat better than I so we didn't even bother drawing straws. I enjoyed the 70 degrees while he sweated it out in the 85-90s. We were both satisfied with our decisions and Houston ended up having a pretty good run too.

Hope everyone had a great long run this morning. Stay safe and stay hydrated.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Tempo

AM: 2.5 mile w/u, 42 min progressive tempo, 2 mile c/d
10 min @ 5:56 pace,10 min @ 5:52 pace, 8 min @ 5:49 pace,14 min @ 5:46 pace
PM: 25 minutes 
~14 miles

I felt good the whole time during this work out & I actually felt better as the workout went on. I was forced to take one very short break (Maddy woke up and got angry pretty quickly) plopping Maddy down on the bed with a cup full of cereal and then jumping back on the treadmill to finish up. No wind, 0 incline, but still hard.

Monday was not much of a workout, so I expected to feel pretty good today.

Last week's log

Few days behind on this. Last week was a recovery week anyway so nothing exciting to report.

Monday: 9 miles
Tuesday:  3 mile w/u @ 7:08, 7X 75-90 seconds @ 5:13 pace, 45 sec recovery.
2-3 min jog, 30 min @ 5:52 pace, 2-3 min jog, 3X 90 seconds @ 5:15 pace w/ 40 sec rec, 2 mile c/d
Wednesday: 9 miles
Thursday: AM: 50 min really really easy
PM: 1.5 mile w/u, 2x200m @38,36, 1x400m @78, 1x1200m @4:00, 2x800m @2:36, 10min c/d
Friday: 7 miles
Saturday: 16 miles @ 6:45 avg w/ 2.5 miles in the middle at 5:45 pace
Sunday: 60 minutes easy

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I ran today...and why you should too.

It’s summer time in Mississippi, meaning that temps during the day creep up past 90 degrees, often reaching 100 or above. Humidity is high also, some runs I even get a stitch in my chest because the moisture in the air is so thick, and I am practically gasping just to get a breath of normal air at our steady 6:50-7:15 min pace.

It’s also the time of year in college where miles and hard efforts were most important. I remember opening that long white package from the mail; finally with my trusty summer schedule in hand, crossing out 10s and penciling in 12s, trying to see how I could make sure I was working harder than everyone else.

I wasn’t immune to the fun, games and late nights that summer often brought. Going home to Canada for 2 months meant that the sun shines well after 10PM, which made it hard to go to bed anytime before midnight. Still, even up North, miles logged in the afternoon were not near the quality of miles logged in the AM. So I often slept 6 hours, ran, and napped before going out in the evening to run again.
Things changed once I got a job during the summer and decided work, summer school, and summer training was the best combination for me. Free time always brought the want to do more “fun things” and the less free time I had, the more I got done and the more I accomplished.

I am not saying that fun is something that we should avoid, but now that I have a child to take care of and a job to keep, things like “going out and having a good time” are really not a priority… they get in the way of the priorities. I would much rather stumble out of bed because I ran 26 miles as hard as I could the day before then stumble out of bed because I went out and had 3 hours of “fun”…but then who wouldn't?

I hope the few people that read this blog know that this is not just about running. I always think about the times in my life that running was going well and noticed how my life was also going well, too. I also think about the times that running was not going well, and how my life was not going well either. Having bad patches in life, running was usually bad or non-existent. At one point when I was pregnant and could barely run at all, I was forced to resign from a job and was (for a very short time) unemployed. Everything I applied for I was overqualified for, I even found myself standing in front of an employment kiosk at JC Penny I was so desperate to work. The ironic thing is that it was a relationship through running that got me in my very next career path, and the job that I still have today. Every turn in the road, it’s always in some way the running that ends up taking me there.

So before I post more about my “running” and “training” know that when I meet a major running goal, or accomplish a workout that I have never done before, that I am then turning around and tackling my day with new courage and strength. That logging miles for me is not about burning calories, or writing a number in blog post. That number signifies hard work, dedication, and the sacrifice of other stuff that stands in the way of our dreams and goals, some running related some not.

Get your runs in because they will give you the courage and strength to be great in other areas of your life. And because…I like reading about them, too.

Happy running, all.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mini track session

AM: 50 min really really easy (didn't feel the hip at all)
PM: 1.5 mile w/u
Mini track session at 5k pace or faster
2x200m @38,36
1x400m @78
1x1200m @4:00
2x800m @2:36
10min c/d

It was 90 degrees at the track last night and with a long run on Saturday I decided Thursday night's speed session would be short and sweet.
This is the first time since I can remember that I have ran intervals on the track in a pair of spikes. I enjoyed it...but one thing is for sure, I have no sense of pace.

Overall I left the track feeling positive about my time trial next week. The splits I did hit felt comfortable. I think I can do this. Now, all I have to do is prove it in 12.5 laps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5km pace work with some tempo

AM: 3 mile w/u @ 7:08
7X 75-90 seconds @ 5:13 pace, 45 sec recovery.
2-3 min jog
30 minutes @ 5:52 pace
2-3 min jog
3X 90 seconds @ 5:15 pace w/ 40 sec recovery
2 mile c/d

-12 miles total

Maddy woke up at around 2:00AM this morning thinking it was the perfect time to watch Backyardagains (if you are not familiar with the show, you are not missing much). Unfortunately for Houston, I was about to kick him to the  guest bedroom anyway because of my morning treadmill session. Maddy finally went back to bed around 4:45AM, about the time I turned on the trusty old Nordic Track to start my warm-up.

My hip has been fusing with me lately, and I am not sure if it is SI or the bad case of poison ivy. I am taking a steroid dose pack that has me shaky, thirst and nervous most of the day. I am about half way through (the dose pack) and I am still waking up in the middle of the night itchy. My lymph nodes are also inflamed, and it causes a little pain when my 20 month old decides that it would be fun to jump on top of Mom while she watches her nightly episode of LOST (season 3 is really slow, looking forward to season 4, yes I know that LOST ended years ago, I'm behind).

All in all, this workout went well. My body has finally caught up with the intensity at which I want to run my workouts, so I am starting to recover much fast from a hard session. Before this summer, I typically could only handle one medium long run, one interval session, and a hard long run a week. Things are changing now, I can handle much more work on a two week cycle.

Finishing this workout, I was so pleased, I did't even stop to wiep the sweat from my arm before I handed Houston my notebook. I am really starting to get (and feel) fit, hopefully these workouts can translate to some fast road running, Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon and then again at Toronto (or Chicago if I don't make the cut).

Unrelated, but for sure the high point of my Day: Giving Maddy a kiss goodbye before I walked out the door this morning, she mumbled to me, "Bye-bye Momma." Made my day, melted my heart.
I love being a Mom more than anything in this world.

Happy running guys.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another log..and a blog!

I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging and only "logging" but I just can't seem to spit out a blog lately. There is to much stuff going on. My sister just had her second child, so we will be making a trip to the North country within the next month or so. Conveniently, my passport just expired and I can't seem to find a place closer than a 4 hour drive that would take a passport photo good enough to be accepted by Canada passport services. I am going to have to take a day off work just to drive to a studio outside of Memphis that claims they are the only company in the south that will take a Canadian passport photo.

This is Wonderful. ...

We are busy at work, lots of exciting new projects but also a lot of work to do for everyone. Still, wouldn't have it any other way. I thrive in work where I am constantly challenged, so I am grateful.

With work, family, and an almost 2 year old (that seems to be running the show right now), these things are just more important than updating this blog, sorry!

Monday: 12.5 miles (92 minutes) with David, Phillip, Micah
Tuesday: 5 miles (so exhausted, I opted out of the evening 4-5 miles with the baby jogger)
Wednesday: 3 mile w/u 6X1 mile @ 5:30, 5:30, 5:27, 5:27, 5:25, 5:18 w/ 2 min recovery (ok, I took 2:30 once or twice) 2 mile c/d (this was treadmill at 0 incline for those that are wondering, I don't know how accurate the treadmill is but it feels hard as #$%^)
PM: 4 miles with the baby jogger
Thursday: AM: 30 minutes PM: 8.5 miles @ 6:58
Friday: 80 minutes on south farm loop (didn't get chased by cows, seem to be getting over my fear of them)
Saturday: 2 mile w/u, 4X10 minutes with Houston on rolling down-town loop, 7.5 mile c/d
Garmin results:
1st segment: 6:08, 5:56 for 6:03 avg (2 rest)
2nd segment: 5:56, 5:47 pace for 5:51 avg (2:30 rest)
3rd segment: 5:54, 5:45 pace for 5:49 avg (3:30 rest)
4th segment: 5:44, 5:36 pace for 5:39 avg
Sunday: 10 miles planned

~Miles for the week: 83

Don't think I am complaining, but I've had a bit of bad luck lately in terms of sickness - strep and then a bad case of poison ivy. I took some antibiotics up until Tuesday, but they made me feel incapable of moving so I quit (hense the 5 mile day...). The poison Ivy had some other not so nice side effects so I am taking a steroid dose pack that has made my legs feel sluggish and heavy. In the end, I still had a pretty impressive week, 7 miles less than I was hoping but there is always another week to test the legs at 90 miles.

Race plans? Yes, I have them. Obviously there is the big marathon in the fall, I am hoping on Toronto, I sent in an elite application a while back and I hope to hear something soon. If that doesn't workout, I've got to declare for Chicago by September 1st. And seeing that Toronto/Chicago are only one week apart, its not going to make a bit of difference which one I end up running.

My next big run in Chicago Rock n Roll half marathon. Weather permitting, I hope to ROCK a huge PR in the half-marathon. Right now in Mississippi, its about 95% humidity and 90 degrees during the day. I don't think heat will be much of a factor for me, but we will see.

On another note, shout out to Meagan Nedlo and her friend Caitlin for running US Half-Marathon Champs today, Jesse Armijo running Grandma's full, my fast friend Kelly for also running the full, and (also fast) Micah and Marcie for running the half. For those of you that don't read Jesse, Meagan, or Caitlin's blogs, you should. Serious source of inspiration for me, you're missing out if you are not a reader.

Good luck everyone in there weekend of racing/training! Hope there were many PRs and miles run.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly log.

Monday: 90 minute run
Tuesday: 15min w/u & c/d, 20 min @ 6:00 pace, jog 3 min, 20 min @ 5:54 pace
PM: 3 miles
Wednesday: AM: 40 min PM: 45 min with the jogger
Thursday: 22 min w/u, 90sec, 2 min, 8 min, 4 min, 4 min, 6 min @ 5:21 pace (1/2 interval recovery) 20 min c/d
Friday: 11 miles
Saturday: 18 miles @ 6:58 ( the middle was 6:30-6:40 but the beginning and end section of miles were 7:30, didn't feel wonderful today)
Sunday: AM: 65 min, PM: 26 min w/ the jogger

I had to treadmill basically the whole week with the exception of sat/sun Which Houston being a NCAAs. Energy was really up and down this week.
Total miles: 86

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Puke worthy interval session

This new phase of training I have been up-ing my miles AND adding an additional hard session a week, not an optimal combination but SO good.

Tuesday I had planned on running 40 minutes at tempo and was pretty confident going in. Unfortunately, I was a little TOO confident, because the "warm-up" mile at 6:00 pace ended up being all I could handle for the first 20 minutes. I was really hurting.
After the halfway point, I took a 3min break, got myself together, and finished the last 20 min at 5:54 pace. Not what I would have wanted, but a good session in the end because I made the best of what I had.

I was worried that my legs may not recover for Thursday's session...however I woke up at 4:20am feeling pretty darn good about myself. I didn't have anything set in stone, Houston had offered a number of suggestions so I just kind of made the workout up as I went along.

90sec @ 5:21 pace (30 rest)
2min @ 5:21 pace, (1 rest)
8 min @ 5:21 pace, (3 rest)
4 min @ 5:21 pace (2 rest)
4 min @ 5:21 pace (2 rest)
6 min @ 5:21 pace

The 8 min interval just happened. I got to 2 min, felt good...4 min, felt good...hey, I wonder if I can go 4 more min?

I still have work to do but things are starting to come together! Now, I just need to find a 5k on the track within driving distance.....

Monday, June 4, 2012

This past week's log

Monday: 14 miles (1:40min) w/ 5 miles at MP (6:15)
Tuesday: 12 miles
Wednesday: AM: 30 min with the jogger PM: 7.3 miles
Thursday: AM:20 min PM: 15 min w/u, 15 min c/d, 2 miles @5:46 (3 rest) 1 mile at 5:19, (3 rest) 2 miles @ 5:39
Friday: 60 min
Saturday: 18.5 miles w/ 17 miles @ 6:31 avg.
Sunday: 60 min
82 miles. Its hot!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Unfinished Business.

It’s always been here, this little voice that I’ve tried to ignore for many years now. Every once in a while it goes into hibernation for a few months… then one day it reappears just as strong as the last day I heard it. It’s not really a voice…it’s really just a thought…. a number on my “running bucket list” that has been crossed out and re-written numerous times over the years. And once again, I have rewritten it.
It’s about the 5000.
I don’t know what it is with this distance. Maybe I have never felt like I “defeated” it.  I could care less about the 3000m, the mile, or  (my main event in college) the 3000m steeple chase. Heck, I don’t even care near as much about the 10,000m, the event I was originally recruited to run during my time at State. There is something about the 5000m. For me, I am not happy with my college best.  I’ve never been happy with it.  I never gave it enough time, a fair effort.

My best dates back to Indoor 2003 (sophomore year). That season I ran a 17:08, 16:59, and  17:01.  After that, my focus switched to the 3000m steeple. Then I had the fall.
It happened at conference with about 3 laps remaining in the race. I felt good, relaxed, maybe too relaxed…we were going into the water pit. I got in position to get my foot on the barrier like I had done maybe a hundred times that season.  Although this time, I missed it and fell head first into water pit. I laid there for what felt like eternity, shooting pain down my back, chocking on mouth fulls of water (I then got up and finished 7th). Since then my hip has given me a lot of trouble in races between 3 miles and 6 miles…until having Maddy.
How do you get over major SI problems? Have a child. Not really, but in all honesty, child birth fixed my hip. Now I don’t mean that my hip was fixed immediately after child birth, but the physical therapy that I have completed since pregnancy has fixed it.  Before having Maddy, I thought I had tried everything and had really given up on getting the hip better.  Interesting the way things work out.
So back to the 5000m. I am confident I can run a personal best at 5k on the track. I have a few weeks that I can “experiment” before going into full blown marathon training, so Houston has put together a few 5k workouts to try to help me string together 3 miles at 5:25 pace. I will have to run this 5k on the track (obviously) and we are still not sure if this 5k personal best attempt will be at an All Comers Meet during the late summer, or a time trial on the MSU track.
In the end, I just want to PR in the 5k, cross it off my bucket list, and then get back to marathon training.
Here it goes.