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Red Hills Festival 5K Race Recap

Red Hills Festival 5K Results: 17:26 for 1st overall person & female, $200
3.5 mile w/u, 5k road race, 6 mile c/d

My goal for this race was to better my 5K road race PR from 5 years ago...if at all possible. Last year I ran 17:48 here, so if I did not run faster than that something was wrong with me.

After getting a call Friday afternoon from the race director of Cotton Row, I learned that my friend Tiffany (McWilliams-Dudley) had dropped out of Monday's race. I text her asking what was up and she informed me that she had to work. Originally I had thought about running the Louisville 5K AND Cotton Row in hopes that I could score two road PRs in one weekend. When she asked about Louisville I was sold, knowing Tiffany would show gave me a much better chance at a road PR.

Now Tiffany has only been training 9 weeks, BUT when your running background includes 3 NCAA titles and a former NCAA record in the outdoor doesn't take long to post some respectable times. Besides…

Bulldog Miles Success.

Yesterday Houston and Maddy got up early to time me running Bulldog Miles on Mugshots (which I was very thankful for). Goal: try not to die.
1.5 mile w/u & c/d
-4*80 seconds on the road w/ 30-60sec rest. (Trying to average around 5:20-5:25)
-2*800m on 3rd Mugshots mile. (2:39, 2:45)
-1x1 mile on last mugshots mile (this mile is short and downhill)  5:03
(like I said, short & downhill)
-2x800m back up on Mugshots
2:34 (short), 2:38 (up!)
-4*60seconds w/ 30-60 rest. (Dying)
- the rest was short, maybe 80-90 sec between 800s and 2.5 min after the mileI haven't ran mugshots anymore because I'm not sure how accurate it is and I'm always tempted to cut the median. Today was OK, however because I wanted to run this workout to compare to something I Did last year.I am happy to say that this workout got better as it went on. And even though the last mile is mostly down hill and short, that's the fastest I have ever ran on it. I am starting to feel confident about my abi…

Training Week.

Monday: 10 miles recovery Tuesday: AM: 8 miles, PM: 2 miles with the stroller (put Maddy to sleep) Wednesday:  3 mile w/u @6:50 pace, 2 mile c/d @ 6:50 pace 5 min @ goal 10K Pace (5:36) 2 min rest, 20 min @ goal HM Pace (5:52) 2.5 min rest, 10 min progressive (start @ 6:07 working down to 5:13 pace) 11+
PM: 4 miles w/ the jogger Thursday: 80 minutes easy on south farm (10.5) Friday:  8 miles with strides, legs still dead so cut my run short Saturday: 17 miles w/ 16 miles @6:35 (felt great!) Sunday: AM: 8 miles PM: 4 miles -83 miles
The workout  on Wednesday was hard.  I could tell my legs were having a little bit of trouble with the 5:36 pace at first …but I felt strong.  Finally, after 3 weeks, I feel like I am getting my legs back.
The 20 min at tempo portion was what separates “the girls from the ladies”…..It was hard. I figured it would not be that hard being that it was only 20 minutes and it was a pace less than 10 seconds faster than my current half-marathon pace (PR pace). H…

Gum Tree 10K Mini Recap & Back to Feeling Normal

After 3 weeks of being sick with a Half-Marathon PR sandwiched in between, I finally got a some what decent week of mileage. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to run the Gum Tree 10K on Saturday, so I forced myself into a hard workout Tuesday without completely recovering from stomach flu or the 2nd sinus infection.

Tuesday ended up being the only day I could workout, and closer to the race and my legs would not have recovered, and further and it would have been pointless. Its sad the Tuesday's workout was the only workout I have done in 2.5 weeks with the exception of the actual half-marathon race. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, getting sick for three weeks straight happens when you don't get enough sleep and run 80 miles a week.

Gum Tree 10K is a very competitive race that is loaded with elites. It is also only an hour away from my home in Tupelo, Mississippi. This year was probably the most competitive women's field they have ever had. I happy to say that I did crac…


To all my coaching friends out there....

“Poem About…The Coach”

Dewaine Grahn’s  - “HOT CORNER” –Oakland Independent, Editor Sports Columnist
Editors Note:  I wrote this poem for the Nebraska Coaches’ Association banquet earlier this month.  With a new
high-school sports season starting this weekend, I thought this is a perfect time to publish the poem.

Behold the man whom all want to approach.
All want a piece of him.  He’s The Coach.
A high-visibility job.  The pay is poor,
Considering the hours, the flak and the chore.
He wants to win and prepares to the hilt.
W’s are expected in the program he’s built.
He may win trophies, even state-champ honor,
But it’s never enough, He could be a goner
If a parent or a fan, obnoxious and loud,
Incited the right folks in the school-board crowd.
His every action is intensely studied,
The longer the coaches, the more he’s blooded.
Encourages the players to play hard and scrappy,
Always worrying ‘bout keeping …


I got sick again this week, this time much worse than the last two times. I had to leave work, go home and try to sleep it off. At one point my fever was 102, but it broke finally about 8PM Friday night. I woke up this morning dehydrated, tired and light headed.

I've been working and running a lot and not sleeping as much as I should so its my own fault for getting sick. I missed the Cotton Classic 10K this morning, very sad. Next week I have Gum Tree 10K and then a 5K two weeks later. After that, I'm taking a recovery week and then hibernating for the summer.


It has taken me a year to get up to 85 miles a week (just a few times), probably because I started from 0 after pregnancy. I have mapped out months of high mileage before my fall marathon. I am excited about it, but I need to go into as fresh as possible...and no stomach flu.

I see people running amazing all around me..its so motivating. There is a common denominator in all these fast times I have been seeing...ha…