Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Plane.

I'm that person.
Seriously though, this flight is three hours long. If a coke is $5, I might as well pay $5 for internet too.

I really wish I would have had a better two weeks leading up to Montreal, but you get what you get. What I got was a sinus infection and the stomach flu (awesome). Whatever, fit is fit. If I feel good Sunday then so be it, if I don't...I'm still going to run the best race I can. On a positive note: I got a pretty good taper. :P

I'm not changing my goals, I may go out just a tad bit more conservative then I had originally planned. I say that, but I guess we will see. The lack of miles in my legs will probably make a fast early pace seem slow. I will need to be careful of that.

Monday: 9 miles @ 6:55-7:10 pace w/ 2 miles of short/fast speed fartlek intervals
Tuesday: 55 minutes, no other running after that. Really busy work day
Wednesday: lunch break w/o: 1.5 mile w/u, 2 miles @ pace (5:54, 5:51), jog 3 minutes, 1 mile at pace (5:55, was suppose to be 2 miles but had a massive chest cramp at the mile mark) jog 3 minutes, 2 miles worth of short/fast speed fartlek intervals, .5 mile c/d (7 miles)
PM: 3 miles @ 6:50 pace while Maddy ate a snack watching me on the treadmill
Thursday: 9 miles at 6:53-7:08
Friday: 40 minutes easy (travel day)

I've had a really busy April with work and Houston traveling so it is a little nice to get a way for a few days and visit some family. The last time I was in Montreal...I can't remember the last time. And I am pretty worried about my french (really worried).

The temps..not something I am looking forward to. I will go from running in a sports bra and shorts for freezing my butt off. At least it will not be as cold as Mercedes was. SO that is POSITIVE.

TO all those racing this weekend, good luck. When you complain about the sun, heat, sweat....think of me.


NY Wolve said...

Good luck! And don't worry about the French, it will come right back.

Jenn said...

Best of luck to you Megg! Have a great visit with your family and a SUPER race! It's FREEZING here this morning and we're quite south of Montreal. I will think of you!

A-Pi (Peter) said...

All the best.. No chance of heat in Calgary either.