Sunday, April 1, 2012

How I spent my weekend

The terrible twos?? Madison's got em.

Our Maddy...she is a girl when it comes to shoes and colorful outfits, but she hates getting her hair brushed and refuses to let me touch her head. She is a mini perfectionist, I have watched her spend a hour putting objects in perfect order on random shelves....she often puts the dog dishes up for me in the cabinets...that would be wonderful if they were not dirty and the animals wouldn't need to eat. She is busy...never stopping for a break. Sometimes she plays so hard she just lays down on the ground anywhere to take a nap. 2 minutes later she is up and running FULL TILT ahead.

She freaks out if we happen to get her out of her routine, even just a minor change. She likes to read while she eats, she is bossy, demanding, and IMPOSSIBLE when she is tired and hungry. She only likes to eat 4 if you don't have those 4 things on hand, you can forget it.

It's a war.

You can't get her distracted if she has something on her mind- don't even try, its not worth it. If she wants to read "Monster at the end of this Book" and you hid it from her (because you have already read it 4 times today), you best find it.....shes not giving up the search...ever.

Who is this child???


This child is ME, the 18-month-old version of ME.

I feel sorry for my parents on a daily basis.


Saturday: 16 miles @ 6:40 pace (started off relaxed until we were all running 6:30 for almost the whole second half ) After mile 9 I ran 15 minutes at tempo (6:00 flat pace) felt good but I didn't feel good enough to do another one. All and all a successful day. I am very blessed to have very fast friends to run with on Saturday.

I tried a new flavor of GU, and even though it was not my favorite flavour, I am still loving the GU. I carry Gels in my hand when I am running, and the GUs are smaller and easier to take without water. I am really liking the GU. Finished with a .5 mile jog back to the house for 16.5 miles total
Sunday: 10 miles in two runs finishes of an 80 mile week.

Tuesday I have 8 miles at goal half-marathon pace (5:56). I am a little nervous, I know I can do it but I'm not sure I'm going to feel likes its "easy". We will see.



Jenn said...

Ha ha! I'm remembering the terrible two's!! Wow, I sure love my kids but this is definitely where I got my gray hair!! My oldest was like this. She had little plastic animal toys and she would have to line them up in her playroom, all around the house actually, in perfect order from biggest to smallest. Little families of perfectly organized animals EVERYWHERE! And the book and the NEVER giving up-ha ha!! Good times:) In a couple of years she will run off some of that energy with you:):)

Super job with the running! 8@5:56. Yes, you can do it but man that is fast!!!

Thanks for your encouragement:)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Yup, you just described my son...and me. Ha!
The tough part with the stubbornness is once she goes to school. My son had the hardest time going with the school's flow and would negotiate with his teacher all the time about getting his way. She is such a cutie, though! And I always say stubbornness is a very good quality once you learn to channel it -like in running:)

5:56 HMP. Wow! I have no doubt you can do it. I am dreaming on a 5:56 5K pace right now, ha!

Raina said...

She is JUST adorable. My two year old shares some of these traits, but it's really interesting how siblings change things. My oldest really embodied the twos.

Fantastic running - as usual!

Lize Brittin said...

hehe- well, she's adorable, and I think I was a little bit like that at her age too. :)

Fantastic fast run on Sat. You always amaze me with your training.