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Teaming up and starting fresh.

These last two weeks I have really focused on recovering. I did not run a step faster than 7:30 mile pace until this past Thursday were I did a mini workout to test the legs. I feel fast and strong and ready to go...but I'm being careful.

I'm ready to start a new chapter.

It is obvious that Houston has found the right mix of training and recovery to allow me to improve tremendously over the last year. We are still going to make some adjustments, but generally, me training will be the same with another increase in miles and some faster stuff thrown in to help me run the Canadian 10K Trials standard. Jumping from 60 miles to 80 miles has helped me shed 10 minutes in the marathon, so I will be making another jump in mileage, and possibly another if my body responds positively. I am also changing to a two-week schedule, something we experimented with before NOLA that proved to be successful.

Running the NOLA marathon has inspired me to register for the Canadian Half-Marathon Championships at the end of April. I'm still very confused about racing back home and navigating the Athletics Canada website is extremely difficult for a Canadian living in Mississippi. Therefore I have joined Montreal Endurancenon-profit sports team based out of out of Montreal, Quebec. Its current list of athletes compete in a variety of of endurance sports, from running (800m to the marathon), triathlon (swimming, cycling and road running) as well as cross country skiing. I'm very excited to be a part of this team as I have been reading the teams blogs for quite some time already. For those of you that don't know, my Cousin Ryan (Hodge) is also a member. Cool stuff!

The blog post on the Montreal Endurance site about me joining the team states that I am currently the #1 ranked female marathoner in Canada. Keeping in mind that it is VERY early in the year, and any minute I could be bumped down the list. Still, its pretty cool, and even though my current PR would have me ranked 11th on last years results, I will be running a fall marathon. If all the "uncontrollables" are...controlled, I will run another big personal best. I would like to finish the year in the top 6. I am capable of this.

I'm trying to live like I feel an elite runner SHOULD. Possibly this will help me transform into one... (sink or swim, maybe?). I need to say that none of this is possible without a strong support group, My family is so supportive of my running, not just my husband, but my father, mother, siblings, cousins, relatives, inlaws, friends. Even my local running group, Boardtown Runners (a runners dream) my Mississippi team, Rod's Racers, and the Brooks ID program. I am so blessed to have so many people that support what I do, even my Maddy slaps me high five when I am logging miles on the treadmill (she's 17 months, going on 17 years). Its amazing how many runners I get to connect with on a daily basis.

Even with so much going on, I feel that I still have the time to be dedicated to running. I have really found a balance, and some creative ways of adding miles without sacrificing family or work time. Getting rid of the crud (most TV and all other hobbies besides blogging and reading) has helped. Running is very important to me but Maddy and Houston must come first. I am very blessed that they are so supportive. 

Next week I am running the Historic Starkvegas 10K as a tempo run to test the legs. I have a very busy summer that I am excited about. Time to buckle up and run some PRs!



inspirunning said…
that's amazing!!! keep working hard, and staying positive! Very excited for you!
Sisu Project said…
Awesome! #1! There's a girl I know who runs for the BAA, she is from Canada. You probably know her, she's fast: Emily Kroshus..? Anyway, thanks for your comment on my post. I did not expect to have such a bumpy road back from my injury both physically AND mentally! I really appreciate the support from you because I don't get as much (girl) support around here! No one to seriously train with. I'm solo 85% of the time if not more for workouts so I really value your input! Keep training hard because you're my inspiration! :)
Awesome, I love reading about these changes. So excited to see what is next for you!
Raina said…
So many exciting changes you have ahead! The 10k trials should be awesome. How many do they take for a team? Is it 3? One and an alternate?

Having family support you makes all the difference in the world.
Jesse Armijo said…
It must feel great being ranked number 1 for the year, and by such a large margin! I'm very excited for you, and hope to see some huge improvements! You deserve it, and your fans deserve to see you improve as well. Keep up the smart and awesome training! You have fans all over, as I keep telling many New Mexicans about how your are improving and doing so well!

My roommate and I are racing in NOLA for the Crescent City Classic; I've never been to New Orleans, so I'm excited!

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