Thursday, March 29, 2012

Being Human

Man - a creature made at the end of the week's work when God was tired.  ~Mark Twain

Running this week has been below average. Sorta.

I  have not ran as much as I have wanted due to aches, pains and staying up later than I should. I'm going to hit a 77-80 mile week.

I was disappointed for a moment.
Then I thought, to be disappointed in 80 miles...this is sad.

I had a great workout Tuesday, just another rust breaker...10min @ 5:56, 8 min @5:35, 5 min @5:21, 3 min @5:13, all with 2 min rest. HM/10K/5K/3K race pace.
I felt great so I turned around on Thursday and attempted 10x800m @ 5K-10K pace....that did not workout. I split 2:55 on #6. My legs felt heavy and tired.

In my early years, not completing a workout was like the end of the Universe. Now, its like, "You know what, I've got life to worry about now."

We don't have time to worry about an incomplete workout. Really, we don't have time to worry about not making my miles. I'm not sure what causes me (us- distance runners) to over analyze our training sometimes.

I don't know why I (we) need to obsess over our faults.
We need to focus on our small successes each day.

Making mistakes is what teaches us life lessons. I hope that this week, you fail a little bit along the way, too.

In the end, you will be better because of it. Trust me.

Sorta Related, I got a chance to read The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide: The Key To Running Inspired. I'm not a beginner, but I will read anything running related if someone gives it to me. I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it because I got to take myself back to the very beginning of "running" for me....when I was embarrassed running because I was worried about who would see me! During this time, I had no idea what training for a race would include and I lacked confidence in myself. Clearly, I would have benefited from a guide like this. I appreciate getting the chance to read it. Look for a review in a few days.

Run happy!


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Amanda@runninghood said...

I've been processing some of the same thoughts this week. Yesterday, in particular. I finally realized that not every day is going to be an ON day...some weeks we have it and some weeks we don't. I think these times are the times we need to go easy on ourselves and "listen" the most. Sometimes we push through and sometimes we just allow ourselves to be still and cut back....and eventually be okay with just doing what we can do even when it is way less than what we had hoped for. And yes, we end up stronger for least I usually do. Great thoughts here...easy to relate, all except the 5 min something speed work. :)