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Being Human

Man - a creature made at the end of the week's work when God was tired.  ~Mark Twain

Running this week has been below average. Sorta.

I  have not ran as much as I have wanted due to aches, pains and staying up later than I should. I'm going to hit a 77-80 mile week.

I was disappointed for a moment.
Then I thought, to be disappointed in 80 miles...this is sad.

I had a great workout Tuesday, just another rust breaker...10min @ 5:56, 8 min @5:35, 5 min @5:21, 3 min @5:13, all with 2 min rest. HM/10K/5K/3K race pace.
I felt great so I turned around on Thursday and attempted 10x800m @ 5K-10K pace....that did not workout. I split 2:55 on #6. My legs felt heavy and tired.

In my early years, not completing a workout was like the end of the Universe. Now, its like, "You know what, I've got life to worry about now."
We don't have time to worry about an incomplete workout. Really, we don't have time to worry about not making my miles. I'm not sure what causes me (us- di…

5 weeks from Montreal (Half-Marathon)

This was my last week of “recovery” after NOLA Marathon, I did my best to run less than I wanted to. My legs feel good, and I’m itching to crank up my miles. I ran 65 miles this week and it feels like I barely ran at all.

Wednesday was my first official workout back and I felt surprisingly well. Originally, I had scheduled 8X1000m @ 5:35 mile pace (goal 10K pace), but I was bored half way into the first interval so I ran 5 min intervals instead.
Saturday I planned to run my standard 6 miles at goal half marathon pace. Typically this is usually a shock for the legs after the marathon. To change things up, I ran the local Historic Starkvegas “10K” (it’s a very hilly and long course, 6.43 miler to be exact). I ran a great tempo and awesome splits, averaging 5:57 (sub-80 pace) on the hardest 10K course I have ever run. It’s a rather new race…a nice scenic course that needs to be measured or certified (obviously). But it was incredibly organized in its second year- if they end up getting it…

Teaming up and starting fresh.

These last two weeks I have really focused on recovering. I did not run a step faster than 7:30 mile pace until this past Thursday were I did a mini workout to test the legs. I feel fast and strong and ready to go...but I'm being careful.

I'm ready to start a new chapter.

It is obvious that Houston has found the right mix of training and recovery to allow me to improve tremendously over the last year. We are still going to make some adjustments, but generally, me training will be the same with another increase in miles and some faster stuff thrown in to help me run the Canadian 10K Trials standard. Jumping from 60 miles to 80 miles has helped me shed 10 minutes in the marathon, so I will be making another jump in mileage, and possibly another if my body responds positively. I am also changing to a two-week schedule, something we experimented with before NOLA that proved to be successful.

Running the NOLA marathon has inspired me to register for the Canadian Half-Marathon Champion…

Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon Race Recap

Results: Marathon in 2:49:06* for 1st! J + bathroom break after the half-way point (36 seconds from door to road) So 2:48:30 without it ?? (I’ve heard there are no potty break conversions in the marathon. L)

Houston, Maddy and I headed to New Orleans Saturday morning being that is was only a 5 hour drive and there was an event I wanted to attend Friday night.  We arrived at the race expo at 2:00pm.
I  was told I had to visit the “solutions desk” to pick up my race packet. Here- I struggled.   I told the man waiting on me, “I need to pick up my race packet here.” He then looked at me like I was crazy. Struggling to explain myself I blurted out “Um…uh…I’m an elite…?” He nodded as if to say “right answer” and grabbed a piece of white paper from underneath his desk, “OK, fill this out, what is your name?” He then came back a minute later with a race bib, arm bad, and a timing chip.
This is what he gave me.

I’ve never received this number before in a road race. I have been “1” on the track numerous t…

How it went down...

Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon: 2:49:06 for 1st female.
Bathroom break, stomach issues. But a PR is a PR!
Recap coming soon...for now, video below!

Thanks for all the love and support!
Run Happy :)