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Sof Sole FIT Insoles Product Review

I recently was given a pair of Sof Sole FIT Neutral Arch Insoles to wear-test and review on my blog.

When I was given this product I was not wearing an arch support (my current training shoe is the Brooks Launch, I have been wearing them ever since I wear-tested them in 2009). When I first started running, I used to use a small arch insert because if I didn’t, I would end up with Plantar fasciitis.  In college I switched running shoe brands and became a minimalist and had never-ending problems with my plantar fascia. Every time I was given a pair of orthotics my feet would cramp up so bad I just took my shoes off and ran without (we had grass fields, one thing I still love about the Mississippi State Track).  After college I tried MORE orthotics and had some success but I have since not been able to afford the $300 price tag.

In my experience, orthotics are expensive, heavy and uncomfortable.

Now I’m not saying that Sof Sole is the replacement for orthotics.  I am starting to believe maybe I didn’t really need orthotics after all. I have had great success running in the Brooks Launch, but I am forefoot running and I suffer from oversupination, meaning I roll way too much to the outside of my foot.  I would believe that the FIT insoles are designed for overpronation too.

When I first received the Sof Sole insoles, I was a little hesitant in trying them. Most arch supports I have tried were stiff and uncomfortable. I was surprised and pleased to find out that the insoles were not hard to adjust to. I did an 11 mile run the first time out the door (promise) and I could immediately notice that I was not rolling out near as much (over-supination). I knew this for a fact because within a day or two I was sore, like I was running a completely different way than I was used to. For some one that has suffered with hip problems for ten years, I think this is a good thing.
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One thing I remember about insoles and arch supports is that they typically wear out in about 3-4 months. Sof Sole FIT insoles have a one year warranty. For a mere $40 bucks, anyone that is even THINKING about an arch support should give Sof Sole a try first (I also have a $5 coupon if anyone is interested, just message me or comment if you would like me to send it to you).

Here is a full list of Sof Soles Women’s Performance Insoles

Other products: for those that are interested, they also carry some pretty nice knee high socks with fashion prints for $9.99

Sof Sole FIT Neutral Arch Product Information:
3.0cm arch height (also options for low arch and high arch, see for more information) and 60 durometer EVA provides the ideal arch height and density levels to promote a natural range of motion for end users with neutral arches
Anatomical Nylon Plate provides torsional stability while maintaining flexibility and range of motion. The nylon plate’s durability offers resistance to cracking and compression.
CK Mesh Top Cover is an abrasion resistant material.
(Taken from
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And did I mention they have a 1 year warranty??? Worth a try. Visit for more information and a list of other great products available from Sof Sole. 


Raina said…
Holy are reading my mind today! I have been toying with the idea of looking for a low budget solution for more arch support.

Good to know there is something out there that doesn't require a doctor and a few hundred bucks.
Anonymous said…
I had already bought the insoles and I too have found success. I have tears in both achillies and bone spurs on both heals, I have found that even just walking has become easier. Thanks for the info it's nice to know someone else feels the same.
Arch Insoles said…
I have tried so many arch insoles but they are not as supportive as I want or you can say i m not as good in selecting insoles :/

Arch Insoles said…
After reading this I bought "Sof Sole FIT Insoles" and now I can finally say yes it WORKS!

Thanks for the nice review :)

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