Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon 7 Day Countdown

I over did it on the taper this week but I would not have been able to do much more running if I had wanted to. Houston has been out of town since 5:00am Thursday morning, so I have been in one-parent mode during a busy week/weekend.

Monday: 9 miles very easy, M.&D.
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: 2 mile w/u, 3X2 mile w/ 3 rest, 1x1 mile on roads, 2 mile c/d (11 miles)
5:57, 5:45
5:46, 5:48
5:44, 5:56
5:49 ~ felt really good so I cut it short. I did this workout alone at 4:45am on a hilly route.

Thursday: 5 miles (Maddy woke up in the middle of my run, ran out of time)
Friday: 10 miles, 69 minutes
Saturday: 12 miles in 80 minutes w/ 5 miles in the middle at marathon pace, 6:18
Sunday: Recovery, planned 8-10 miles

My legs feel good. The heat at NOLA is not something I am worried about, I have been doing a lot of long runs and hard workouts on the treadmill in my house with the heat kicked up to 75 degrees. The humidity...that's another story.

On another note, I have enjoyed the Mommy & Maddy time. We have played hours of peek-a-boo and destroyed much of the contents of my kitchen cabinets. Its fine, not like they were organized before!
Our beautiful little lady. She is just over 16 months.


chris said...

Oh, so precious! The cut back is going to do you good:)

Rosalie Davis said...

Great to see a blog by another western Canadian living in the south. I moved from Saskatchewan to South Carolona and don't meet that many people from SK, AB or BC. The weather definitely helps with all year running. Look forward to reading more of your blog! Good luck wit the marathon!

PiccolaPineCone said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog. As you probably noticed, I found your blog recently and love it. I have read some of your posts and you've got me thinking again about how I can continue to train at a reasonable level and be a working mom to (soon) two. The 4.30 am work-outs seem like the only option and I am really impressed you do it on presumably interrupted sleep. I will have to search your blog for more posts about schedules!! I wish you fast legs and good heart in New Orleans. Am excited to read your report.

Raina said...

Hope you had a super race today, Meggan!

PiccolaPineCone said...

just saw the results. WOW! Holy Schmokes! Congratulations!! Cannot wait to read the recap.

Jesse Armijo said...

Just saw your results! Congrats on the WIN!!! Amazing job!

Marc said...

Hey!! Awesome job! Great to meet you as well! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the win!
- Marc

Marc said...

Great job and awesome to meet you!
- Marc

Laura said...

What an adorable picture!! Love that little dress, too! I'm excited for your marathon... you've trained so well!