Saturday, February 4, 2012

4 weeks and an almost marathon simulator.

Monday: 87 minutes 12 miles hilly run
Tuesday: AM: 20 min, PM: 57 min
Wed: 2.5 mile w/u, 6X 1 mile on treadmill w/ 90 sec recovery, 5:46/5:42/5:38/5:36/5:32, 2mile c/d
Thurs: 65 min recovery
Friday: 80 minutes
Saturday:4 miles (28:30) 12 miles at Marathon Pace (6:18 pace for 75 minutes), 1 mile c/d
Sunday:planned recovery run about 70minutes

Not a huge mileage week but my daughter is not feeling well and I have been tired. Tuesday I slept in and ran during my lunch break. Friday I slept in but managed to get out the door just before 5:00AM, just enough time to get 80 minutes in.

Being that I have a race, 20 mile run and another possible race sandwiched together, I skipped the marathon simulator and ran a long run with 12 miles at marathon pace instead.

I ran this workout on the treadmill in our bedroom with gels/salt/water within reaching distance. It was surprisingly relaxed, with the exception of a bathroom break and hip cramp at mile 8. The bedroom was also 75 degrees (I feel like NOLA is going to be warm) so I was sweating like crazy.

Here are my splits for those of you that are interested in that sort of thing.

6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:18, 6:15, 6:11

--I did mention earlier that I ran this on the treadmill, right? Haha.

The reason for so many treadmill runs is because NOLA is flat as a pancake. Though I have been a lot stronger on the hilly courses, the flat courses have been easier on my back/hip. Not to mention, NOLA is within a 5 hour drive, and its NEW ORLEANS.

On a very different note, I want to give a shout out to some awesome running gear I have gotten to try lately:

1.) I have been running/walking in a pair of Sof Sole FIT insoles, they have been awesome for my recovery days and in some of my flats that do not have much support. Years back I used to cough up $300 or so for custom made orthotics. Obviously, I can't afford that anymore, and I feel like SofSole would have been  a good replacement (they are only $40 bucks!). These insoles are not heavy, ridged, or uncomfortable, and they feel like the perfect amount of support. I will do a full review in a week when I get a few more miles in them!

2.) Have any of my fellow IDers tried the new Brooks Women's Versatile 3.5" Low Rise Shorts??  Wow, AWESOME! For short torso ladies like myself, I absolutely love these shorts. I can't stand shorts that fit tight and high on the waist. They come in all sorts of awesome colors (not just black). I'm certain you can also find a matching sports bra on also.

Hope everyone had a great running weekend! - Megg


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

First, you are doing awesome! I just love how you don't make excuses and just get your training in. Inspiring!

I have been eyeing those shorts but am so happy you like them. I am all legs and v short these will be perfect and in my next Brooks order. Thanks!

Lize Brittin said...

Wow- those are some impressive splits! Very cool to read how well you are doing with the training. Ouch though, I am too uncoordinated to run on the treadmill. I suppose I have yet to fall off one like my friend did once, but I still steer clear of them.

Jenn said...

I'm just thinking of how long I would last on the treadmill if it was in my bedroom. My bed sitting right there taunting me....Consistent splits-ha! As usual-great week for you even tired with a little sick one:( Hope you are both feeling good today!

OK-putting those shorts on my order. I am ALWAYS on the search for the perfect shorts and apparently there are VERY few of these out there in the world....

Michael said...

That is an AMAZING're a machine ! The way you approach and execute your training is an inspiration to us all.

DonnaG said...

Hi there!
Great are very inspiring.

Also, I've tagged you in the 11 random things post. you don't have to do it but, I thought it would be fun.

Have a great day!