Sunday, January 15, 2012

Suck it up.Get it done...Rant.

Warning...this is just a rant.

Maddy was rearranging our book shelf last night when she happened to pull out one of my training diaries from college. It was nice and neat, pretty detailed. Maddy took a pen and started scribbling in it. I happened to glance at the page she was on...the week before conference, senior year.

My worst track season ever leading up to the conference. Curious, I made a trade (I gave her a copy of THE ZONE by Barry Sears). I wanted to revisit those last few weeks before "that race".

"That race"..... All spring I dealt with major back/hamstring/hip problems. I flipped through a few weeks...a good run...3 days of "can't run: bike"...can't run: elliptical...tried to run: failed.

The week before that race, I was successful in completing 8x1min on for a total of 35 minutes of running, a few 15 minute jogs. The day before my race I limped through 20 minutes.

I'm not saying that I'm the standard of what is considered "having heart". 90% of my teammates that year would have done the same thing. I stepped on the track, I ran, I went for it, I finished 7th. I got it done that day with what I had. I did my job for my team because they were counting on me.

Running is a job for a lot of people. If you are an elite, its your job. If you run in college, its a 4 year job. If you have a sponsor, its a job.

If it's your job, DO IT. Do it well. If you can't "run" make sure you are doing something that will eventually help you in running. If you aren't going to do your job, then do something else.

I've enjoyed reading up on many of the American's that ran the Olympic Trials. Things I noticed in many interviews and from the American OTQs I follow: I sleep a lot, I manage my time well, I eat well, I focus on the little things, I have a strict schedule.

Most importantly, ATTITUDE. They are all positive about there running, dedicated, passionate. I feel for the gals and the guys out there that are struggling. Those that are passionate about something that they cannot do. They are often left injured, still they get up and try again, again, and AGAIN.

I'm tired of the complainers. I'm tired of the "bringing everyone else down" folks. I'm very out spoken when it comes to running, sometimes I say to much. I am done with bad attitudes. I'm done with lack of effort.

If running is in anyway your job, GET IT DONE. It's your job. It's YOUR JOB.


I've got to run in the morning.


Raina said...

For the record, that was a great trade, mom. You won! :)

Getting it done is really the only choice. The other options just leave you - or others- miserable.

Renee said...

great inspiration!!

inspirunning said...

100% agree! nothing worse than complainers and Debbie Downers! Positive attitude goes a very long way!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love this! I think if you want to succeed, you will get it done! YOU certainly are getting it done in an amazing way:)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Thank you for the inspiration for my post today. This stuck with me. even though training isn't a job for me in the traditional sense, I do choose to do it like it's a job if I want to see success. :)

Christie said...

LOVE this post.

I think it relates to all things - not necessary just running. I find it completely pathetic when anything is done in life half assessed with the justification that you are not a 'professional' at it (or an elite runner in this case). You get in there with the best of YOUR abilities, do it with your whole heart, at that is that.

Thanks for the rant :)

lindsay said...

Obviously running isn't a job for me in any sense - but I still like this and find it motivating. It's a "job" to me in that I want to do well at it and achieve some goals I've set. It doesn't matter if I ever get paid to do it or to wear a particular label.

Britt said...

love this.

Cory Reese said...

Um, awesome. I'm with you: nothing worse than someone who is always bringing others down. I think my dislike of that extreme has sent me to the other extreme.

Great post!

Eric said...

The best part about compartmentalizing it as a job, for me is that when I punch out I can put it behind me; keep it separate from and enjoy my personal life as primarily important.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

How have I not been following your blog. We think alike! And you are so fast even your blog's a blur, lol. Glad to have found you and can't wait to learn from you.