Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olympic Trials Shout Out (and a training update)!

I’ve been waiting on Olympic Trials results all morning like everyone else (even though I’m not American, this is still exciting).  My training is obviously not the exciting thing right now, but I have got to post!

Before that, a few shout outs!

In American Marathon Olympic Trials news, my friend Robert Scribner (Hanson-Brooks) ran 2:18. He went for it, suffered just a bit the last 3 miles…but a PR in the end. Robert will be 2:15 next time…so proud of my former teammate!

Meagan Nedlo ending up scoring a HUGE PR, running just a tad over 2:41. She has an awesome blog for those that don’t know, you can check it out here.

If you have not seen the results, you can find them here.


I felt good on Monday even though I had gone 20 miles the Saturday before (with 15 at my friends marathon pace).  The pace work Tuesday was not difficult, the 300’s were probably faster than they really needed to be, but I was really not confident in my ability to run 5k at anything faster than 17:45 right now.

Still, I stuck with the plans I had made late last week, and at 8:10pm Thursday I toed the line against 14-16 young ladies in bum huggers and spikes (me- shorts, flats), and trudged my way through 3 bad miles on an indoor track.

It was awkward, slow and very boring.

We started out a bit faster than I wanted, but the pace slowed quickly, and soon I was run 41’s. Being that I had no real goal going into this race, I figured 5:30 or so would be a good first mile. Typically, I do mile repeats at this pace so it shouldn’t have been a problem. By the time we hit the first mile I was already tired, and I doubted I would be able to go 15 more laps.  I started to get bored, I was lapping people early and running in lane 3.  I felt crappy, I was alone. It was harder than it should have been.

Basically, I gave up early and just started using athletes I was lapping as a reason to keep running. Houston stopped yelling splits, I was thankful.  I just wanted it to end.

At about 1.5 laps to go, someone made a move to the front and finally for the first time since the beginning, I had someone to run with. She gapped me by a second or two, and going into the last lap I was trying to find my kick, excitement started to build, this could actually end up interesting…and.. BANG…it was over.  Unfortunately the girl that passed me suffered a very unfortunate accident about 180 meters from the finish (I’m going to leave it at that), and the excitement I felt immediately passed. The race was over.

I won in 17:51. Not a true showing of my current fitness, but enough to get the rust out and come back a day later for 8 miles at half marathon pace. 

After 10 quick miles on Friday, I woke up Saturday morning tired and tight and doubted my ability to run 8 miles at sub 80 half-marathon pace.  But after 3 miles with Houston to stretch out the legs, I ran garmin-less for the first few miles and gradually warmed up into it.

I never took a single split. I felt good. Like tempo should feel ; good, easy, relaxed, fast.

Hitting 8 miles in 48:59 I was disappointed.
Me - “ What? That sucks!”
Houston – “Are you kidding me?  You went through the first two miles in 12:50! Do you not realize the work you have put in the last 8 days?  If you are disappointed in that, you are a moron.”
Me – (Ignoring the last part) “I went through the first two miles in 12:50??  Well gees, that is 6 miles at like 6:02 pace!  Shoot, as good as I felt that was awesome!”
Houston – “There you go.”

So the 5k and the speed work on the track, as much as it sucked, it did its job. I am finally finding my legs, and if I can survive the next week, I will be set.

Monday: 92 minutes
Tuesday: AM: 30 minutes PM: 2 mile w/u, 2 mile c/d, 2X300m @54-55, 2X1000m @3:19, 4X300m @ 54-56
Wednesday:  AM: 10+ miles in 73 minutes
Thursday: AM: 20 minute shake out run, PM: 2-3 mile w/u, 5K race in 17:51, a few minutes jog cool down
Friday: 10 miles in 72 minutes
Saturday: 3 mile w/u, 8 mile tempo in 48:59 (going through first 2 miles in 12:50, so avg of 6:02 for the last 6) (2+ miles c/d) (13 + miles)
Sunday: Two runs up to 10 miles

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Maddy and I are going to spend our Saturday watching movies and taking naps. There is nothing like a lazy day with my baby girl!

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Awesome! Just awesome! Of course, I am curious about the gal's accident, hope she is OK.